28 Apr - Anton Stepnov (KBM)

Norwegian title of thesis
En studie av samspillet mellom in situ hydrogenperoksidproduksjon og katalytisk effektivitet i lytisk polysakkarid monooksygenase-reaksjoner 

Prescribed subject of the trial lecture: 
Application of oxidoreductases in industrial biotransformations 

Time and place for the trial lecture:  
Friday 8th April 2022, at 14:15, BTB library 

Evaluation committee for the trial lecture: 
First opponent: Professor Gustav Vaaje-Kolstad 
Second opponent: Professor Dag Ekeberg 
Committee coordinator: Associate professor Catrin Tyl 

Time and place for the public defence: 
Thursday 28th April 2022, at 12.15.
The defence will be held in the library, Biotechnologybuilding (Biblioteket, BTB)  

Evaluation committee: 
First opponent: Professor Willem van Berkel, Wageningen University & Research, Netherlands 
Second opponent: Associate professor Glyn R. Hemsworth, University of Leeds, UK 
Committee coordinator: Associate professor Catrin Tyl, NMBU 

Main supervisor: Professor Vincent Eijsink 
Co-supervisor: Professor Morten Sørlie 
Co-supervisor: Associate Professor Åsmund Røhr Kjendseth 
Co-supervisor: Researcher Zarah Kristina Forsberg 

The doctoral thesis is available for public review.  
For those of you who wants access to this please send an email to: phd-kbm@nmbu.no  

Thesis number 2022:27, ISSN 1894-6402, ISBN 978-82-575-1900-1 

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