Does the wealth tax kill jobs?

Onsdag 14.mars kl 12.15 - 13.00, rom T452:

Forskningsseminar ved Knut Røed, der han presenterer mellombelse resultat frå eit empirisk prosjekt.

Tittel: Does the wealth tax kill jobs?

Based on administrative data for Norwegian firms, we examine the relationship between the wealth tax paid by the owners and the level of the firms' employment. Our analysis takes advantage of a tax reform starting in 2014 which gradually reduced the level of the wealth tax. To identify the causal impacts of these tax reductions, we compare employment patterns in similar firms whose owners were and were not affected by them. Preliminary results suggest that the reductions in the wealth tax did not result in higher employment during the first three years after the reform.

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Published 11. januar 2018 - 13:20 - Updated 6. juli 2020 - 15:47