Financial Economics profile

For the M.Sc. in Economics you can choose between five specializations that teach you to apply rigorous economic theories and methods to analyze different sets of question:

"Financial Economics" addresses questions like: How to conduct investment analysis? How to management of financial risk? Which financial instruments to use? How to account for environmental and climate risks in investment analysis?

Since many courses are offered only in English, this specialization is only for Norwegian-speaking students.

Code Name ECTS Term
BUS322 Investment Analysis and Financial Risk Management (only in Norwegian) 10 F
BUS323 Commodity Market Analysis (only in Norwegian) 10 S

Empirical Analyses of Financial and Commodity Markets II

7,5 F
BUS321 Empirical Analysis of Financial and Commodity Markets, Theory 5 Jun
BUS324 Options, Derivates and Risk Management (only in Norwegian) 10 F
ECN331 International Economics and Finance 5 Aug
M30-ECON Master thesis with seminar 30  Jan/S
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