Sixth breakfast seminar: KBM

Kallenborn started talking about the context of urban agriculture and the challenges of the development of agriculture and urban development. He went on to go deeper into the spesifics of anthropogenic pollutants that can be a limiting factor for urban agriculture. Urban soil is circulated for centuries and high pollution levels are documented for organic and organic pollutants in urban soils. Therefore utilisation of un-controlled urban soil as substrate for UA is questionable and no legislation of pollutant control in urban agriculture for commercial production is in place. Numerous siginifcant direct and diffusive pollution sources identified in an urban environment: vehicle traffic, domestic combustion, industrial emissions, building materials, garbage, direct release in the gutter, … Through  water, air and soil this pollution can be introduced to the food produced in the city. That's why it is important that as a part of sustainable strategies, urban pollution issues need to be controlled and monitored. The full presentation is available here

Published 11. august 2020 - 12:50 - Updated 12. august 2020 - 11:03