Digital exam at home

General exam information

You will find updated information relating to  examination time, form and permitted aids for your examination: 

You are responsible for keeping up-to-date on information about the time and any changes to the form of examination for your exam. Check StudentWeb and Canvas and as the faculty or course responsible if you have any questions.


Support WISEflow exam at home during the exam period

Support WISEflow digital exam at home

  • See if you can find the answer to your question at further down this page unde the headline FAQ for exams at home
  • If you need help during your WISEflow exam at home and did not find the answer to your questions  in the FAQ, please contact support via the support 
  • We ask you to use the support form (above) if your need support during your exam, however if you experience problems with the form you may call Ph: 6723013
  • Support hours
    During the exam period, support is available: at 8.00-18.00, or as long as the exam lasts.

PC and network support

If you have questions or need help with PC or network problems prior to or during your exam please contact IT at /Ph. 67230555 

Support for WISEflow home exams during the teaching period

  • See if you can find answers to what your questions further down this page under the heading FAQ for exams at home
  • For home exams during the teaching period, no support is available via telephone. Should you experience problems with submitting the exam, you can submit a form and you will receive an answer as soon as possible. The course responsible may also have specified another contact point - check Canvas

Support Canvas digital home exam 

Please contact the course responsible if you have any questions regrading Canvas.

Digital exams at home - WISEflow

WISEflow is the examination system used at NMBU for digital examinations.

Please note:

  • You need your own computer and a stable internet connection
  • WISEflow recommend that you use the web browser Chrome or Firefox
  • If you have  PC og network problems prior to your exam please contact IT for support ( /Ph: 67230555).
  • Log in to WISEflow with your FEIDE (NMBU) user account
  • WISEflow will automatically register your candidate number.
  • Find the course for your home exam, you will have access to the exam questions at the start time for your exam.
  • For exams in a digital exam system, the exam answers must be written on a computer. Only drawings and any calculations can be made with pen and paper and uploaded as an attachment to the answer. Handwritten exam answers will not normally be censored.
  • No form of communication with fellow students or other people during the exam is permitted, unless otherwise specified. This applies to both home exams and campus-based exams,
  • Make sure that you deliver the correct file and that the file(s) you are to deliver are both uploaded and delivered before the exam time is up. It is your responsibility to ensure that you deliver the correct file at the correct time!
  • When submitting the answer, it is important that you follow the instructions for correct submission (do not Exit after uploading, but select Submit). In many cases, you have to convert files to PDF before you can submit your answer in WISEflow.
  • Your examination answer must be submitted within the set deadline for submission in WISEflow. Make sure you submit the correct file! When submitting your answer in WISEflow it is important that you follow the instructions for correct submission (don't  exit when you have up-loaded your answer, but choose submit). 
  • Should you experience any problems with submitting your answer please contact support immediately via Form - support during exam 
  • If an examination answer is not submitted within the deadline, the result not-completed will registered for your exam.
  • The exam end time shown in WISEflow is included time to upload your files. If you have extra time due to special arrangements this is also added to the total time.
  • For WISEflow home exams you don't have to install FLOWlock (exam browser, that will prevent you from accessing files on your computer and Internet).
  • Please have your mobile available during the WISEflow exam. If an important messages related to the exam is given, you can be notified by SMS.
  • If you have any questions about digital home exams you may also check further down this page under the heading FAQ for exams at home

Oral digital examination 

Oral exams might be digital. You will get information about date and time from your faculty. Prior to the exam you must make sure to control that the microphone, speaker and camera on your PC are working properly. It is not permitted to record the oral exam, neither by the examinee nor by the faculty.

Digital home exam in Canvas

Some exams and assessments are conducted in Canvas. You will find more information about these exams in the Canvas course-room.

Remember that the exam answer must be submitted by the stated submission deadline. If the exam answer is not delivered within the deadline, it will not be registered as a result on the exam.

Assessment and feedback in WISEflow

The assessor may give comments and feedback directly in your assignment in WISEflow. We recommend that you check this when the examination results for your digital exams are published.

Access to PC/Mac

You must have access to your own laptop for your digital exams. This applies both to home exams and campus based exams.


If you are sick/become ill during exam

If you are sick or there are other special circumstances that makes it unavailable for you to take your exam, you need to register for valid absence. If you get sick during your exam and are not able to finish your WISEflow exam, you should not submit any answers.

Make sure to submit your application for valid absence within five (5) days of the exam in question. Remember to attach a doctor’s notice or equivalent with your application. 

Please note that a submitted answer cannot be withdrawn from marking even if a medical certificate is submitted after the examination.

If you want to withdraw during the exam/submit a blank examination

If you want to submit a blank examination, you must log in to WISEflow to do this You can either click the 'submit blank' button, or upload a blank file to hand in.

If you get sick during the exam and want to withdraw, you should not submit anything in WISEflow.

FAQ for exams at home

What is WISEflow?

WISEflow is the digital examination system NMBU uses for exams. It can be an exam on campus, a home exam or, for example, a submission. For home exams or submissions, the flow type FLOWmulti is usually used.

  • FLOWmulti is a multiple-choice exam that is answered directly in WISEflow. Such exams can consist of different types of questions; multiple-choice ticking, filling in fields, classification and matching, text responses, etc. FLOWmulti can be completed with or without locked mode, so they can take place either on campus or at home.

How to learn more about WISEflow

Please see the user manuals below. 

User guidelines WISEflow

Can I take my exam abroad?

You can take your digital home exam abroad. The exam must be taken at the scheduled exam time Norwegian time. No adjustments will be made to accommodate any time difference to where you are. Please make sure to have a stable internet connection.

How do I convert my file to a PDF file?

If you use Word to answer the exam paper, you can save the answer as a PDF directly from Word. Select 'Save as' and select PDF from the list of available file types.

If you need to deliver other file types, these can be uploaded as attachments. You cannot only upload attachments, it must also be a submission.

Is my computer locked during the exam?

Flowlock is only used for exams at campus and will not be innstalled exams at home. You can use all other programs as usual during your exam. Please make sure to check what aids are allowed to use for your exam and use those only.

What if I experience problems in WISEflow during an exam

  • If you experience problems when starting a flow in WISEflow, try to exit (log out) the the exam and then re-enter.
  • You might also try using a different browser 

Will my answers be automatically saved?

  • If you have a FLOWmulti exam your answer is automatically saved every 10 seconds, as long as you are connected to the Internet.
  • If you write your answer in another program (like Word) you must remember to save locally.

If you experience loss of internet access during a FLOWmulti exam 

  • Do not close your browser if you loose internet access
  • Remember to save locally from time to time. A button will appear in the right upper corner with the text save a local copy or similar
  • When you have internet access again the browser will automatically update against WISEflow
  • Contact support if you dont have internet connection when handing in 
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