FOX will discover new organic ferroelectric materials that could be used in eco-friendly computer memory. The project will also computationally screen and evaluate properties of thousands of materials.

02 Jul 2020 - 31 Mar 2024

Research Council of Norway,

About the FOX project

  • Ferroelectric materials are characterized by an intrinsic electronic spontaneous polarization P that can be switched with the application of an external electrical field E. This is similar to how the magnetic field can be switched in a ferromagnetic. Their switchability makes ferroelectrics useful in devices such as capacitors, actuators, sensors, and ferroelectric random access memory (FeRAM).

    The development of ferroelectrics is a large and growing research field. The main focus in the community has been on inorganic materials. But these are often composed of toxic and expensive elements and require high processing temperatures. In our project, we will instead explore organic ferroelectrics, which is potentially cheap and environmentally friendly but these materials have barely been explored.


    Our project will use a combination of automated mining of literature data, rational design, and advanced modeling. The very best materials predicted with this theoretical approach will be synthesized by partners at the Department of Chemistry at the University of Oslo.