Regulations & guidelines

Please note that the English translations are for information purposes only.
For all legal purposes, the original documents in Norwegian are the authoritative versions.

Regulations for the Philosophiae Doctor degree (PhD)

Adopted by the NMBU Board 30 January 2020.  In force from 1 July 2020.
Minor amendments adopted  by the Board 17 September 2020 (in force from 1 October 2020).

Check also for Supplementary rules to the PhD regulations, by each Faculty.

Regulations for the Doctor Philosophiae degree (Dr. Philos.)

These regulations came into force from 1st of March 2017.

The degree Dr. Philos. is awarded to academics that have qualified for the doctoral degree by own means, without being admitted into a doctoral degree programme and receiving supervision.

Previous versions of doctoral degree regulations 

Questions related to previous versions of other doctoral degree regulations may be directed to The Research Support Office.

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