PhD Education

NMBU offers eight PhD programmes and has about 520 active PhD candidates.

PhD programmes at NMBU

On the programme pages you will find information about academic content and the structure of the individual programmes.

The NMBU Faculties are the admission authorities for their own PhD programme(s) and process admission of PhD fellows at NMBU and applications from potential "external candidates" who wish to conduct their PhD education at NMBU.

External candidates may be employed at an external R&D institution, a research institute, in an establishment, public organisation, or similar.

Admission to a PhD programme at NMBU prerequisites documentation of education qualifications, English language skills, and funding for the entire period of admission. Read more on the individual programme pages.

PhD Education – step by step

This section provides step-by-step information about the procedures for obtaining a PhD degree at NMBU.

To a greater or lesser extent, the faculties provide additional information on the faculties' websites.

Rules, guidelines and contactpersons