Virtual Reality Laboratory at NMBU

Providing new possibilities for modelling, reconstructing, visualizing, and communicating knowledge.


Select publications and media

Neural Radiance Fields NeRF model based on data extracted from a drone flight southwest of Ahrweiler, Germany (NeRF model: SCHOB 2022; Drone imagery: REKITTKE 2022)

Neural Radiance Fields for Landscape Architecture.
Maximilian Schob and Jörg Rekittke. Journal of Digital Landscape Architecture, 8-2023, pp. 428-442

Maximilian Schob

Landscapes between Signal and Data: Formal Identification and Analysis of Forest Clearings in Oslo through Lidar Data. Maximilian Schob and Luis Callejas. Journal of Digital Landscape Architecture, 8-2023, pp. 221-235.

Doktorgradsforskningen til Katinka Evensen er aktuelt for svært mange i dagens datahverdag!

Testing the Effect of Hedge Height on Perceived Safety; A Landscape Design Intervention. Evensen, Katinka H., Helena Nordh, Ramzi Hassan, and Aslak Fyhri. 2021. Sustainability 13, no. 9: 5063.

Kostas Mouratidis

Contemporary versus traditional styles in architecture and public space: A virtual reality study with 360-degree videos. Kostas Mouratidis, Ramzi Hassan, Cities, Volume 97, 2020, 102499, ISSN 0264-2751.

Debi Ruggeri

Study by NMBU and UC Berkeley shows how Virtual Reality technlogy and NMBU's VR Lab were been utilized to explore livability in urban environments. Perceiving the Livable City. Cross-Cultural Lessons on Virtual and Field Experiences of Urban Environments. Deni Ruggeri, Chester Harvey & Peter Bosselmann (2018), Journal of the American Planning Association, 84:3-4, 250-262,