Nature and human health in Norway.
Nature and human health in Norway. Photo: Shutterstock

A platform for practitioners and researchers to provide an overview of research on nature and human health relations conducted in Norway. 

  • The purpose of the portal is to create synergies between different research projects that encompass nature and human health. It is set up to encourage cross-sectorial and cross-disciplinary collaboration and networking.

    The portal presents research with both health-promoting and therapeutic themes. Our aim is to promote a Nordic dialogue on topics related to nature and human health.

    All publications presented in the portal are peer-reviewed, or meet our academic standards and are affiliated with an approved research institution, organization, or firm in Norway.

    The University of Copenhagen released the first edition of the portal in November 2014, and this Norwegian webpage represents the second site within the Nordic research network.

    To facilitate communication within this network, the editorial language of the portal is English. The Norwegian portal was initiated by Norsk friluftsliv  (formerly FRIFO) and developed by the Department of Public Health Science at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences.

  • Research on nature and human health relations investigates the mechanisms underlying how and why experience of nature environments can have positive influences on people's health.

    This research field requires an international and multidisciplinary approach, using a wide range of research questions to understand how interacting with the natural environment can affect human health and wellbeing.

    From a health-promoting perspective, the research explores how people can benefit from having access to supportive and restorative nature environments, which can include neighborhoods, urban parks, schools, playgrounds, workplaces, and other green spaces. From a therapeutic perspective, the research explores how nature settings or elements can be used in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and care farms that offer rehabilitation programs and vocational training.

    Core research questions:

    • How can experiences in nature promote health?
    • How can public urban greenspaces be designed to promote health-behavior and offer stress relief for city dwellers?
    • How can nature elements be used as a health resource in the planning of residential areas, schools, playgrounds, and workplaces? 
    • How can nature settings be designed for therapeutic purposes for specific patient groups?
    • How can nature-based rehabilitation programs be structured and carried out?


Browse selected academic publications that investigate or discuss nature and human health relations. The selected publications are peer-reviewed or deemed by the editors of this portal to be of academic quality. All are affiliated with an approved research institution, organization or firm in Norway.

The publications are grouped by their environmental setting or by the activities in nature they involve.