Publications 2024

By Jayne P Lambrou

Latest academic journal articles, books and book chapters from NMBU's Faculty of Landscape and Society.

2024 publications listed by department. The 2023 list can be found here.

Department of International Environment and Development Studies, Noragric

Dan Nan Ambassagou, an armed self-defense movement in Dogon country
Poudiougou I

Article in Anthropos (April 2024)

The role of norm dynamics for climate relevant behavior: A 2019–2021 panel study of red meat consumption
Aasen M, Thøgersen J, Vatn A & Stern PC

Article in Ecological Economics (April 2024)

Muddy waters: on the problematic political ecology of the Atrato ruling, Colombia
McNeish J-AM & Socha JM

Article in the International Journal of Human Rights (March 2024)

Indigenous peoples and local communities report ongoing and widespread climate change impacts on local social-ecological systems
Reyes-García V, García-del-Amo D, Álvarez-Fernández S...Cuní-Sanchez A et al

Article in Nature - Communications, Earth & Environment (March 2024)

Changing Trees, Enduring Forests: Institutional Bricolage, Gradual Change and Community Forestry among Yucatec Mayans in Mexico
Fuente NMM & Marin A

Article in Development and Change (February 2024)

Empowerment or Disempowerment through Formalization? The Case of Women Entrepreneurs in Food Processing in Northern Ethiopia
Desta GA & Haug R 

Article in Forum for Development Studies (February 2024)

Critical climate education is crucial for fast and just transformations
Svarstad H, Jornet A, Peters GP, Griffiths TG & Benjaminsen TA

Article in Nature Climate Change (January 2024)

Dan Nan Ambassagou, un mouvement d’autodéfense armé en pays dogon
Poudiougou I

Article in Anthropos (January 2024)

REDD+: The perfect marriage between conservation and development? A comparative study of the impacts of REDD+ on livelihoods and deforestation in Tanzania
Nantongo M, Vatn A & Soka G

Article in World Development (January 2024)

Urban resilience through green infrastructure: A framework for policy analysis applied to Madrid, Spain
Suárez M, Rieiro-Díaz AM, Alba D, Langemeyer J, Gómez-Baggethun E & Ametzaga-Arregi I

Article in Landscape and Urban Planning (January 2024)

Strategic adjustments: Daily experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and intersex persons in Nairobi.
Divon SA, Vestlie AW & Jessen RS

Article in Sexualities (January 2024)

Consistent patterns of common species across tropical tree communities
Cooper DLM,...Cuni-Sanchez A, et al.

Article in Nature (January 2024)

Department of Landscape Architecture

Department of Property and Law

Bergsholm, E. (2024). Rettigheter i fast eiendom. 3. utgave. Fagbokforlaget.

Rettigheter i fast eiendom (En innføring i tingsrett) -

Faafeng, V.G., Holth, F., Høgvard, D. og Sky, P.K. (2024). Matrikkelloven lovkommentar. Revidert utgave på Juridika. Oslo: Universitetsforlaget. A jour pr. 1. februar 2024.

Department of Public Health Science

Smoking among immigrants in Norway: a cross-sectional study
Kjøllesdal MKR & Indseth T

Article in Scandinavian Journal of Public Health (March 2024)

How and why do healthcare workers use gloves in two Norwegian nursing homes?
Kristiansen PC, Bastien S, Debesay J & Fagernes M

Article in Journal of Hospital Infection (March 2024)

Working with objective and perceived indicators of health and green space.
Nordh H, Nordbø ECA & Aamodt G

Methods, models, and guidelines for practitioners to deliver health-promoting green space.
Borges LA...Aamodt G, Nordbø ECA, Nordh H et al.

Chapters in Green and healthy Nordic cities: How to plan, design, and manage health-promoting urban green space
LA Borges, Rohrer L & Nilsson K (eds)

Book published by Nordregio (January 2024)

Department of Urban and Regional Planning

Public libraries as new community hubs for remote workers?
di Marino M & Mariotti I

Chapter 15 in The Coworking (R)evolution - Working and Living in New Territories
DG Tremblay & Krauss G (eds)

Book published by Edward Elgar Publishing (February 2024)

AK Kronborg

Book published by Forlaget Press (February 2024)

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