Publications 2023

By Jayne P Lambrou

Latest academic journal articles, books and book chapters from NMBU's Faculty of Landscape and Society.

Department of International Environment and Development Studies, Noragric

Depression, violence and socioeconomic outcomes among refugees in East Africa: evidence from a multicountry representative survey
Pozuelo JR, Bradenbrink R, Stierna MF & Sterck O

Article in BMJ Mental Health (September 2023)

Elgar Encyclopedia of Ecological Economics
E Padilla & Ramos-Martín J (eds)

Book published by Edward Elgar Publishing (September 2023)

Affiliated chapters:

Environmental Limits
Gómez-Baggethun E

Vatn A

Nature-based solutions
Baró F & Gómez-Baggethun E

Rainfall shocks and inequality have heterogeneous effects on farmers' seed purchase decisions in East Africa
Makate C, Angelsen A, Holden ST & Westengen OT

Article in Climate Risk Management (September 2023)

Value asymmetries in Norwegian forest governance: The role of institutions and power dynamics
Helseth EV, Vedeld P, Vatn A & Gómez-Baggethun E

Article in Ecological Economics (September 2023)

Seed systems development to navigate multiple expectations in Ethiopia, Malawi and Tanzania
Haug R, Hella JP, Mulesa TH, Kakwera MN & Westengen OT

Article in World Development Sustainability (September 2023)

"People gathered by sorghum": Cultural Practices and Sorghum Diversity in Northern Ethiopia
Wendmu T, Gebrelibanos TS, Kovi MR, Ring KH, de Boer HJ, Abera FA & Westengen OT

Article in Human Ecology (September 2023)

Diverse values of nature for sustainability
Pascual U,...Vatn A, Gómez-Baggethun E et al.

Article in Nature (August 2023)

The credibility thesis - A commentary from an original institutionalist position
Vatn A

Article in Land Use Policy (August 2023)

Urban Transformation and Experiences of 'Becoming Marginal' in Russia
Stuvøy K

Article in International Journal of Politics Culture and Society (July 2023)

Handbook on International Development and the Environment
(Elgar Handbooks in Development)

B Bull & Aguilar-Støen M (eds)

Book published by Edward Elgar Publishing (June 2023)

Affiliated chapters:

Leaving development behind: the case for degrowth
Demaria F & Gómez-Baggethun E

The river as subject: legal innovations and their consequence
for rights and development
McNeish JA

Effect of Adoption of Climate-Smart-Agriculture Technologies on Cereal Production, Food Security and Food Diversity in Central Mali
Sissoko P, Guindo SS, Togola S, Dembélé BD, Grimsby LK & Aune JB

Article in Agriculture (June 2023)

Inventory of on-farm sorghum landrace diversity and climate adaptation in Tigray, Northern Ethiopia: implications for sorghum breeding and conservation. 
Semere T, Fjellheim S, Tsehaye Y & Westengen OT 

Article in Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution (May 2023)

Multiple meanings of “equitable food systems”: food systems and discursive politics of change
Juskaite G & Haug R

Article in Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems (April 2023)

Measuring the end of hunger: Knowledge politics in the selection of SDG food security indicator
Iversen T, Westengen O & Jerven M

Article in Agriculture and Human Values (April 2023)

Wild meat consumption in urban Sierra Leone during the Covid-19 pandemic
Saing  M, Wusha-Conteh F, Fa J, Sullivan M & Cuni-Sanchez A

Article in Oryx (April 2023)

Navigating toward resilient and inclusive seed systems
Westengen OT, Dalle SP & Mulesa TH

Article in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America - PNAS (March 2023)

Local Observations of Climate Change and Adaptation Responses: A Case Study in the Mountain Region of Burundi-Rwanda
Nkurunziza A, Intwarinkase Mutaganzwa D, ...& Cuni-Sanchez A.

Article in Land (March 2023)

Insurance value of biodiversity in the Anthropocene is the full resilience value
Hahn T, Sioen GB...Gómez-Baggethun E et al.

Article in Ecological Economics (March 2023)

Work and Needs in a Finite Planet: Reflections from Ecological Economics
Gómez-Baggethun E

Chapter in The Barcelona School of Ecological Economics and Political Ecology: A Companion in Honour of Joan Martinez-Alier
S Villamayor-Tomas & Muradian R (eds)

Open access book published by Springer (March 2023)

Neuroprotective effect of quercetin and Zingiber officinale on sodium arsenate-induced neurotoxicity in rats
Yousuf R,… Bhatti MA et al.

Article in Food Science & Nutrition (February 2023)

State-led modernization of the Ethiopian sugar industry: questions of power and agency in lowland transformation
Zikargie YA, Wisborg P & Cochrane L

Article in Journal of Eastern African Studies (January 2023)

Plastic bans in India – Addressing the socio-economic and environmental complexities
Nøklebye E, Adam HN, Roy-Basu A, Bharat GK & Steindal EH

Article in Environmental Science & Policy (January 2023)

Evolution of farm-level crop diversification and response to rainfall shocks in smallholder farming: Evidence from Malawi and Tanzania
Makate C, Angelsen A, Holden ST & Westengen OT

Article in Ecological Economics (March 2023

Department of Landscape Architecture

Resilient food production – resilient landscapes. The role of heterogeneity and scale
Potthoff K & Dramstad WE

Chapter in Creating Resilient Landscapes in an Era of Climate Change
A Rastandeh & Jarchow M (eds)

Book published by Routledge (Studies in Conservation and the Environment) (January 2023) Open Access

Department of Property and Law

Urban FM and POPS – implications for UN’s SDG 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities
Holsen T & Boge K 

Article in IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science (May 2023)

The Norwegian proptech market – an incubator for game changers
Phan T & Boge K

Article in IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science (May 2023)

Matrikkelloven lovkommentar. Revidert utgave på Juridika
Faafeng VG, Holth F, Høgvard D og Sky PK

Universitetsforlaget (A jour pr. 1. februar 2023)

Lakse- og innlandsfiskloven
Solli GS og Larsen IW

Lovkommentar. Karnov (A jour pr. 25. januar 2023)

Department of Public Health Science

Geographical variation in cardiovascular disease mortality in Norway: The role of life course socioeconomic position and parental health
Choi HJ, LeBlanc M, Moger TA, Valberg M, Page CM, Aamodt G & Næss Ø

Article in Health & Place (September 2023)

Increased nationwide use of green spaces in Norway during the COVID-19 pandemic
UlsetVS, Venter Z, Kozák M, Nordbø ECA & Von Soest T

Article in Environment International (September 2023)

The transition of care from farm-based daycare for people with dementia: The perspective of next of kin
Taranrød LB, Kirkevold Ø, Pedersen I & Eriksen S 

Article in the International Journal of Qualitative Studies on Health and Well-being (June 2023)

VM i gatefotball - en arena for støtte, samhandling og læring
Langaas AG, Svendsen TS & Sylliaas H

Article in Tidskrift for psykisk helsearbeid (May 2023)

Developing a school-based nutrition education programme to transform the nutritional behaviours of basic-level schoolchildren: a case from participatory action research in Nepal
Upreti YR, Devkota B, Bastien & Luitel BC

Article in Educational Action Research (May 2023)

Relationships between socio-demographic / socio-economic characteristics and neighborhood green space in four Nordic municipalities – results from NORDGREEN
Aamodt G, Nordh H & Nordbø ECA

Article in Urban Forestry & Urban Greening (March 2023) 

Factors influencing the motivation of maternal health workers in conflict setting of Mogadishu, Somalia
Sheikh NS & Gele A

Article in PLOS Global Public Health (March 2023)

Vaksineusikkerhet blant innvandrere under covid-19-pandemien – en kvalitativ studie
Sheikh NS, Winje BA, Gleditsch R, Nordstrøm C, Vedaa Ø, Kour, P & Gele A

Article in Tidskriftet Den Norske Legeforening (March 2023)

Obesity diagnoses in children and adolescents in Norway by immigrant background
Kjøllesdal MKR, Shah SMB, Labberton AS, Bergh IH, Qureshi S & Surén P

Article in Scandinavian Journal of Public Health (March 2023)

Examining activity-friendly neighborhoods in the Norwegian context: green space and walkability in relation to physical activity and the moderating role of perceived safety
Juul V & Nordbø ECA

Article in BMC Public Health (February 2023

Can shopping centres foster wellbeing? A scoping review of motivations and positive experiences associated with non-shopping visits
Pettersen GR, Nordbø ECA, Ese J & Ihlebæk C

Article in Wellbeing, Space and Society (February 2023)

Understanding the uptake of diagnostics for sustainable gastrointestinal nematode control by European dairy cattle farmers: a multi-country cross-sectional study
Velde FV et al.

Article in Parasite (February 2023)

Developmental disorders among Norwegian-born children with immigrant parents
Hansen TM, Qureshi S, Gele A, Hauge LJ, Biele GP, Surén P & Kjøllesdal M 

Article in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Mental Health (January 2023)

Department of Urban and Regional Planning

Interlinking the silos: how to stimulate a new debate on more greenery in cities.
di Marino M, Cucca R, Thaler T & M Bügelmayer-Blaschek 

Article in Urban Forestry & Urban Greening (September 2023)

The Centre for Landscape Democracy and Transdisciplinarity: Transdisciplinary challenges, research and education in landscape democracy (pp. 363-371).

M Di Marino , MG Trovato & L Gao (2023).

Conference Proceedings - ECLAS European Council of Landscape Architecture (August 2023)

The future of multilocational work and New Working Spaces in small and medium-sized municipalities an din rural municipalities: A Norwegian perspective.
di Marino M, Chavoshi SH, Andersen T & Nenonen S

Article in the Norwegian Journal of Geography (August 2023)

Working (and Living) During Corona Times and Implications for Planning and Mobility - The Case of Norway
di Marino, M & Chavoshi SH

Chapter in European Narratives on Remote Working and Coworking During the COVID-19 Pandemic
M Akhavan, Hölzel M & Leducq D (eds)

Book published by SpringerBriefs in Applied Sciences and Technology (May 2023)

Social Justice in the Green City
R. Cucca & Thaler T (eds)

Special issue of Urban Planning (March 2023)

Affiliated articles:

Social Justice in the Green City
Cucca R & Thaler T

Green Gentrification, Social Justice, and Climate Change in the Literature: Conceptual Origins and Future Directions
Cucca R, Friesenecker M & Thaler T

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