The 26th European Nitrogen Cycle Meeting


The 26th European Nitrogen Cycle Meeting
Photo: NMBU

Welcome to the 26th European Nitrogen Cycle Meeting to be held at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences in Oslo, 13th-15th September 2023.

The European Nitrogen Cycle meeting is an annual event, bringing together many research groups in Europe with long-lasting and complementary expertise on aspects of this microbially driven biogeochemical cycle, and its implication for humans.

On the first day, September 13th (11:00-14:00) we would like to invite those interested, and particularly young scientists, to join us for a laboratory and field tour of NMBU’s unique robotized incubation systems for real-time monitoring of gas kinetics in microbial batch cultures, and the field robot for automated high-resolution measurement of N2O and CO2.

The opening session starts at 15:30, Wednesday September 13th and will be held at Vitenparken, campus NMBU. The last two days will be held at Toppsenteret, Oslo Science Park.

In the afternoon of September 14th, we will take a break from science and stretch our legs before sitting back down for the conference dinner. There are two options: 1) Tour at the opera house (Guided tours (, or 2) A 2h hike along Akerselva (Oslo Guidebureau | Historic River Walk) for those who would like some fresh air. Both groups are joined by English speaking guides.

The meeting closes at 17:00, Friday September 15th.

Thanks to funding by the Federation of European Microbiological Societies (FEMS), young researchers may apply for support (300 EUR) to attend the meeting. See below for information about eligibility and how to apply. 

  • Oslo is relatively small, but for optimal convenience we recommend staying at hotels near Oslo Central Station (Oslo S/Jernbanetorget).

    This will make it easy to get to the venues by train (Day 1, Ås; R21 leaving every 30 min from Oslo S -> Moss) and by metro (T) line 4 or 5, or tram line 17 or 18 to Blindern/Forskningsparken (Day 2 and 3, Oslo Science park, Toppsenteret).

    Be aware that taking a Taxi is very expensive! For more information about how to get to the venues and the conference dinner, check out the PDF "Getting to the venues_26th ENC" under the heading "Program and other documents"

  • In addition to keynote lectures, there will be three categories of talks, short (8 + 2 min), medium (12 + 3 min) and long (15 + 5). Take a look at the programme to find your presentation. Poster size should be 60 x 90 cm.

    Some poster abstracts will be selected for flash presentation (2 min) during the opening session.

  • Abstract submission is now closed. The program is found below. Registration is closed.

    If questions contact Linda Bergaust

  • This meeting is selected by the Federation of European Microbiological Societies (FEMS) to offer grants for event participation for Early Career Scientists*.

    To apply for this grant, you need to meet the following requirements:

    • be a member of a FEMS Member Society* or be recommended by such a member
    • be an Early Career Scientist**
    • be an Active Microbiologist
    • be presenting author at the meeting (oral or poster)

    *Find out if your society is a FEMS Member at

    **These are active microbiologists who obtained the highest academic degree - Bachelor, Master or PhD - less than five years prior to the application deadline date or are a Master or PhD student. Periods of maternity/paternity leave, special leave or illness do not count toward this definition

    Application process

    Fill out the FEMS grant application form found at the bottom of the page and send it by e-mail to Rannei Tjåland: by June 15th 2023.

    Additional benefits

    As a FEMS Member Society member, you can:

    • benefit from the grant provided for this meeting (see Eligibility above)
    • apply for a range of other FEMS Grants
    • benefits/discounts off the registration fee for FEMS Congresses/Conferences
    • benefit from a 25% discount off a selection of Oxford University Press books

Confirmed speakers:

Professor Lars Bakken, Norwegian University of Life Sciences

Professor Klaus Butterbach-Bahl (Aarhus University)

Dr. Hannah Marchant (Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology)

Professor Mark van Loosdrecht (Delft University of Technology)

Professor Oliver Einsle (University of Freiburg)

Professor Michael Wagner (University of Vienna)

Professor Maria Delgado (Spanish National Research Council)

Professor Jeff Cole (University of Birmingham)

Organizing committée:

David Richardson

Professor, University of East Anglia

Scientific committée

Åsa Frostegård

Linda L. Bergaust

Lars Bakken

Peter Dörsh

Pawel Lycus

Louise Sennett

David Richardson

Boran Kartal

Serena Rinaldo

Francesca Cutruzzola

Contributors Photo: NMBU/FEMS/ISME

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