EDS371 Introduksjon til etterretningsstudier og internasjonale relasjoner


Ansvarlig fakultet:Fakultet for landskap og samfunn

Emneansvarlig:Stig Jarle Hansen

Campus / nettbasert:Undervises campus Ås

Undervisningens språk:Engelsk

Frekvens:The course is offered every second year. Not offered in 2023/2024.

Forventet arbeidsmengde:Total 250 timer.

Undervisnings- og vurderingsperiode:Vårparalell

Om dette emnet

Due to its covert character, the function of intelligence in shaping national and international politics remains hidden from the public eye. Nevertheless, intelligence plays a significant role in international politics, functioning as a tool for decision makers and as a basis for shaping open and covert national and international policies. The aim of this module is to introduce key concepts in intelligence and to understand the intelligence cycle, use of information in international political discourses and touch upon questions of morality and ethics relating to intelligence.

Dette lærer du

The students will be able to discuss key intelligence concepts and explain how intelligence is used for decision making as well as for creating, shaping and justifying policy. In addition, the students will be able to critically assess the morality and ethics relating to uses of intelligence tools in international politics.
  • Lectures, exercises, seminars, documentaries, discussions
  • Textbook: Lowenthal, Mark (2019) Intelligence: From Secrets to Policy, Eighth edition. CQ Press.

    An additional reading list will be distributed in class and available on Canvas.

  • General knowledge of international issues, for instance undergraduate courses in relevant Social Sciences
  • Term paper (50%) and final written exam (50%) both IN ENGLISH ONLY.

    The final grade will be based on an average of both. The student must have a passing grade (E) on the term paper and exam to pass the course.

    The student must participate in all mandatory classes and pass all seminars and class exercises to be eligible for a grade.

    Grading for papers and exams: A-F; Seminars and exercises: Pass/Fail

    Innlevering Karakterregel: Bokstavkarakterer Skriftlig eksamen Karakterregel: Bokstavkarakterer Hjelpemiddel: A1 Ingen kalkulator, ingen andre hjelpemidler
  • An external sensor will evaluate the grading methods.
  • To be eligible for a grade in the course the student must:

    1. Understand the principles of academic integrity and have submitted a signed plagiarism declaration.

    2. Participate in all mandatory lectures as specified by the main teacher at the beginning of the semester.

    3. Be present, participate and pass all class assignments, exercises and seminars as specified by the main teacher at the beginning of the semester.

  • A detailed course schedule will be posted on Canvas before the beginning of the Semester.
  • Approx. 50 class hours, including lectures, seminars and exercises.
  • M-IR, M-IES, M-GDS
  • Master Students