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VET403 Vitenskapelig publisering

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Viser emneinfo for studieåret 2017 - 2018.

Studiepoeng: 1
Ansvarlig fakultet: Veterinærhøgskolen
Frekvens: Vår
Undervises på språk: EN
(NO=norsk, EN=Engelsk)
Undervises i periode:
Uke 12 mandag til torsdag, pluss en ekstra dag en av de påfølgende ukene planlagt sammen med studentene.
Første gang: Studieår 2016-2017
Undervises hvor?: Campus Adamstuen
Emnets innhold:

Note that the workshop will go over 3 days that are separated from each other in time (the first two days will require some homework alone between the two days) and will preferably be before the students are in the midst of writing their own articles.

The final day will be directed towards looking at problems and challenges in documents that they have now already started writing or have planned to start writing soon.

The language of the proposed workshop will be predominantly English, as this is the language in which most scientific literature that is relevant to us is written.


The students will be provided with a couple of published articles and be expected to have read them prior to the workshop.



- Introductory round: students to give a brief overview of themselves, their projects, their short-term writing ambitions, any experience of writing

- Presentation-1 from LR "publish or perish"

- Analysis and discussion of articles distributed earlier in the week: what was good, what was less good?

- Exercise among students

- Presentation-2 from LR (some writing tips / ideas)

- Description of what should be completed before the next workshop day


Reporting guidelines (CONSORT, etc.). Presentation by Ane Nødtvedt.

HOMEWORK - 1 day

- Identify and analyse article in your research field.

- Identify reporting guidelines relevant to your field and the above-mentioned article. Consider article from the perspective of reporting guidelines.

- Article must be shared with the group prior to day-2 of the workshop, together with short text summarizing the evaluation (1-2 pages).


- Presentations from each of the students based on the homework

- Discussion based on presentations

- Exercises based on presentations

- Feedback from instructor/fellow students on written evaluation of article?

HOMEWORK - 2/3 days

- Provide some self-written text to LR at least 5 days prior to day-3 of workshop (preferably not a complete article, but a work in progress)

- Texts distributed to all students. Work in pairs/groups on feedback.

DAY 3 OF WORKSHOP (some weeks/months later)

- Work on texts provided, both group and individual feedback

- Challenges

- Ease / difficulty

- Summing up, taking home messages.

Obligatorisk aktivitet:
Deltakelse i kursaktivitetene er obligatoriske. En tilstedeværelse på 75% er nødvendig for å bestå.
Påmeldingsfrist: uke 6
Normert arbeidsmengde:
40 timer
Kurset tilbys til ph.d.-studenter ved NMBU - Campus Adamstuen.
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