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Course id Course title Teaching language ECTS creditssort ascending
LAD203 Digital 3D-Planning NO 5
LAD103 Cartography and Geodatabases in Planning NO 5
LAD102 GIS - Introduction NO 5
LAD100 Introduction to Digital Tools in Landscape Architecture EN, NO 5
GLA301 Introduction to Landscape Architecture for Global Sustainability EN 5
LAA221 Professional Course I NO 5
LAA207 Universal Design NO 5
GEO211 Quaternary Geology - Field Course NO 5
LAA201 Urban Agriculture in practice NO 5
KJM353 Radioecology EN 5
KJB320 Proteomics I EN, NO 5
KJB201 Laboratory Course in Biochemistry NO 5
KJB100 Introduction to Biochemistry NO 5
JUS332 Land Consolidation Proceedings NO 5
JUS322 Process Law, Expropriation etc. NO 5
AOS130 Introduction to Organisation Theory NO 5
LNG250 Academic Writing NO 5
FYS251 Heat Transfer NO 5
FYS252A Applied Thermodynamics EN 5
FORN120 Introduction to Energy Economics NO 5
EDS415 Qualitative Methods in Development Studies EN 5
EDS423 Political ecology of scarcity, limits and degrowth EN 5
EIE101 Introduction to Real Estate I NO 5
EIE280 Land Rights NO 5
FEP201 Diseases and Pests on Trees NO 5
FEP202 Significance of Insects and Fungi in Production Forests NO 5
FHV314 Local Environmental Health Care NO 5
FHV353 Project Plan for Master's Thesis in Public Health Science EN, NO 5
FMI330 Effect and Biomarker Methods in Toxicology EN 5
FORN230 Energy Policy and Markets NO 5
JUS311 Real Estate Transactions NO 5
FORN240 Energy Distribution and Storage Systems EN 5
FORN350 Sustainable Management of Resources in a Circular Economy NO 5
FYS102A Physics for Biotechnologists NO 5
FYS103 Experimental methods and data analysis NO 5
FYS110 Statics NO 5
FYS155 Laboratory Course in Physics NO 5
FYS160 Boundary Layer Meteorology NO 5
FYS161 Meteorology and Climate NO 5
FYS235 Electronics NO 5
FYS236 Electrodynamics EN, NO 5
JUS320 Planning and Building Law NO 5
GMBB100 Remote Sensing in Geomatics NO 5
GMGD230 Marine Geodesy NO 5
HFX133 Challenges for Future Food Production NO 5
HFX407 Emissions and Microbiota: a path to sustainable animal production EN 5
HFX400 PhD Course in Nutritional Physiology EN 5
HFX307 Emissions and Microbiota: A Path to Sustainable Animal Production EN 5
HFX306 Feeding and Production Diseases in Cattle NO 5
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