MA - BioRef Group

The group is running a biorefining laboratory which includes equipment like a steam explosion unit, hydrolysis reactors, fermentors, ultra-/nanofiltration equipment, three phase separator, microfluidizer and a spray dryer.

Topics for master thesis:

Biogas – Svein Horn

  • Biogas production
  • Microbial communities
  • Biogas upgrade with H2 addition

Fermentation – Svein Horn, David Lapena, Pernille Olsen

  • Production of microbial biomass (yeast, microalgae)
  • Single cell oil and protein
  • Downstream processing

Enzymatic saccharification - Svein Horn, Line Hansen

  • Lignocellulosics and seaweed
  • Develop enzyme blends
  • Process development

Bio-molecules - Bjørge Westereng, Shaun Leivers and Lars J. Lindstad

Chemical coupling of oligosaccharides à new bio-chemicals

  • Food chemistry: Cloning and characterization of carbohydrate active /modifying enzymes. Production of novel food ingredients
  • Prebiotics and gut microbes: Synthesis and evaluation of refined carbohydrates; fermentability- by e.g. fluorescens


Read more in the PDF below:

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