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PhD Courses

The PhD degree in economics and business requires a minimum 45 course credits (ECTS). A course package is proposed by the PhD student and supervisor, and then approved by the Research and Research Education Committee (FUFU) of the department.

PhD Courses

The courses can be taken at NMBU or other universities, and can be at either the 300- or 400-levels at NMBU, or the equivalent if taken at institutions outside NMBU. It is recommended that at least 30 ECTS are at 400-level (PhD courses). See supplementary PhD regulations.

400-level courses offered by the department include:

There are a number of 300-level courses that may be relevant in economics or business.

Courses can be taken outside NMBU if they meet the required standards. Previous and current PhD students have taken courses at, inter alia, these institutions:

Several PhD courses are each year offered through the National Research School in Business Economics and Administration.

PhD students that spend 1-2 semesters at a foreign university take a significant share of the required course credits at that university.


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