Early admission

You may have the result of your application in May, if you have valid reasons for early admission.

Application deadline: 15 April
Publication of results: 20 May

You must be qualified by the application deadline. It is not possible to be offered early admission if you are completing your degree or language qualifications after the deadline. You will need extra good grades to be admitted in the early admission process. If you are not admitted in the early admission process, your application will automatically be transferred to the ordinary application process.

    • You are currently employed and have a period of notice or you must apply for leave of absence
    • You are self-employed and need to close down your business
    • You have children and need to make arrangements for moving to Ås
    • You need special arrangements during your studies (excluding dyslexia)
    • You need to apply for renewal of your residence permit for study purposes 
  • Du har behov for særskilt tilrettelegging på studiestedet. Dette dokumenterer du med en attest fra sakkyndig, for eksempel lege. Hør først med lærestedet om det allerede er tilrettelagt for dine behov.

 If you have any questions regarding the early admission process, please contact the Admissions Office on admission@nmbu.no