Document your financing
Instructions for funds transfer

Instructions for funds transfer

International students must document sufficient funds in order to apply for a study permit in Norway. After being accepted at NMBU, new students must transfer funds to a Norwegian bank account. To facilitate the transfer of funds, the university offers a service whereby funds can be transferred to a bank account administrated by NMBU.

Instructions for funds transfer

Immigration authorities require documentation of funds at a minimum NOK 116,369.00 for one academic year. If the student does not currently reside in Norway, the primary method to document sufficient funds to the immigration authorities is by transferring funds to a Norwegian bank account in the student's name. Contact your nearest Norwegian Embassy/Consulate for further information or read the UDI pages. The student shall bear transaction costs charged by all banks. The university will provide confirmation once the funds are received in Norway for the study permit application.

Transfer Amount
If you would like to use the service mentioned above, please follow the instructions below:
The funds  - minimum NOK 116,369.00 -must be transferred in one installment no later than 1 May 2019 to start the study permit process. The university takes no responsibility for funds that cannot be identified or have been transferred after the deadline. If you cannot meet the deadline, we advise you to apply again next year.

If the student fails to obtain a residence permit, the funds will be transferred back to the student. 

Bank Account Information

NMBU administrates the bank account, however, the account holder name and address is:            

(Foundation for Student Life in Aas)                               
1432 ÅS (Aas)

ACCOUNT NO: 5081 07 19181
IBAN NR: NO9850810719181

Mark the payment with your “Applicant No." or your "Student No." and your FULL name.

Bank Name and Address:
NO-0021 OSLO                                              
Tel: +47 915 04800

Email the transfer receipt to clearly labeled with your applicant or student number.

Access to funds after arrival in Norway
Once the student has arrived in Norway, a cheque will be prepared to cover the initial costs until the student can open a bank account. Once the student has obtained a Norwegian personal number, the student can open a bank account. All the funds (minus any bank charges) will be transferred to this bank account. This whole process can take several weeks. For non-degree students who intend to stay in Norway for less than 6 months and cannot open a bank account, the university can make alternate arrangements for accessing the funds after the initial cheque.

Housing Deposit
Housing is organized through the University Foundation for Student Life (SiÅS) and is a separate organization. You can use part of these funds towards your housing deposit. A form is can be provided by SiÅs to authorise the housing payment from your funds. Any questions regarding payment for accommodation should be directed to the housing office at the University Foundation for Student Life:

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