Teaching and exam schedule

In the link above you will find the timetable. Here you get access to the timetable for upcoming teaching periods as they become available.

You may subscribe to the online teaching schedule from TimeEdit to your own calendar or smart phone . please see directions below.  

About the online teaching schedule:

  • Please choose course/courses at the top of the page. You can make an individual schedule with all your courses
  • It is also possible to search for rooms, subject teachers and teaching methods
  • Even though the schedule indicates that the course begins on the hour, it begins 15 minutes past the hour
  • You can change the start and end date at the top of the page
  • The weeks are displayed sequentially in the time schedule. The week number can be found on the upper left corner of each week's schedule
  • Please note that the time schedule may vary from week to week, even for courses in the parallel
  • If no time schedule for a course appears, the course may not be offered in this period
  • Recent changes/updates to the schedule will appear in red
  • It is possible to subscribe to a timetable from the TimeEdit

    1. Go to TimeEdit and search for the courses you wish to have in your calendar.
    2. Optional: If you want to be able to look "backwards in time" in the calendar, you should change the start date to include the whole semester (for example 01/01/2023, by clicking on "This week")
    3. Then press the "Subscribe" button at the top right.
    4. Select "Time" to be the entire semester.
    5. Then copy the address in the text field under "Time".
    6. You can use this address to subscribe to the calendar in either an online service or directly in a calendar program on PC/Mac/iOS. See the table below for examples of services and programs that can be used. We recommend most people to use Google Calendar as it works well with both iPhone and Android phones.
    7. Google Account Procedure: Sign in to Google calendar with your Google (Gmail) account.
    8. In the calendar list on the left side of the site, click the arrow next to "Other Calendars" and select "Add via URL":
    9. Paste the address you copied in point 5 and press "Add calendar".
    10. PS: We recommend that you change the name of the calendar so it is easier to see what it contains. Hover your mouse over the new calendar and an arrow should appear. Click on this and select “Calendar Settings”
    11. Then change the name and press "Save":
    12. Important: For iPhone/iPad, you must also go to Synchronization Settings to tick the new calendar, before it will appear on the phone! On Android phones (e.g. Samsung or Sony) you may also need to go into settings on the calendar app itself to tick off the new calendar.