Language test

What is an OLS language test?

The OLS language test is designed specifically for Erasmus+ and it is a free multiple choice test that is presented online. On the basis of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages the test identifies your language level in the language you will conduct your studies. When you get back from the exchange you do a new test, and thus see how your language skills have developed. 

Who needs to take the OLS language test?

Basically all Erasmus students who will study in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian or Dutch need to take the test before and after the exchange. It is not needed to take the test if the study language is your native language, or if you will study in a language other than the six already mentioned. The European Commission is working to offer tests in more languages, so the list may therefore be expanded at short notice. 

How do you do the OLS language test?

  • If you are going on exchange during the fall semester you will receive an email from the Student Information Centre (SiT) in May with further information.
  • If you are going on exchange during the spring semester you will receive an email from SiT in October/November with further information.
  • You let SiT know which teaching language you wish to be tested in and SiT will give you access to the right language test in OLS.
  • You will receive an email to your student email named "Norwegian University of Life Sciences Invites you two complete your Erasmus + OLS language assessment". In the email you will find your user name (NMBU email address) and password, and a link to the online test.
  • You need a computer with internet connection and sound to do the test.
  • Follow the link so that OLS opens in your browser.
  • Log in with the username and password from the email and create a profile. It is very important that you register the correct start and end dates for your exchange period.
  • Take the test. It takes 40-50 minutes to complete it. 
  • You will encounter tasks like "fill in the missing word" and multipe choice questions. During the test you can keep track of how many questions are answered and how many remain. The questions will adjust to your answers and your language skills, so if you answer correctly in the beginning, the questions will gradually become more difficult

There are 70 questions divided into 5 categories: 

  1. Grammar
  2. Vocabulary
  3. Words and expressions
  4. Listening comprehension
  5. Text comprehension

When you finish the test you will see your results within the various categories. You, as well as NMBU, will also receive the results by email. The results will not be sent to the host institution.

Questions and Answers on the Erasmus+ OLS

Payment of Erasmus grant

The grant will not be given before you have taken the language test and delivered a signed grant agreement and arrival form. All Erasmus students must also deliver a Learning Agreement with the courses you are going to take during the exchange. Please contact SiT for further information.

Published 30. August 2016 - 15:23 - Updated 18. August 2020 - 15:47