Diploma Certificate from NMBU

Have you completed your study programme?

  • The degree is awarded when you meet the requirements of an approved education plan, in accordance with your study programme. Please check that your education plan is updated and approved. Contact your study advisor if you need to make any changes to it.

  • If you have been on exchange or have courses from abroad approved in your degree, please check that the title of the courses and number of approved ECTS credits in your study plan are correct. If you find mistakes, please contact your study advisor at the faculty.

  • We kindly request that you check your name on Studentweb to ensure that it is spelt correct in the student database system. In order to correct any typos or errors, please contact the Student Information Centre (SIT)

  • When your degree is awarded, you will receive an automatic e-mail from us and your results will be available on the Diploma Registry (Vitnemålsportalen)

    The Diploma Registry is a digital service developed on behalf of the Ministry of Education where graduates and current students can collect their results for all higher education taken in Norway and share these with educational institutions, potential employers and other relevant parties. The Diploma Registry makes it easier to share information about your degree and grades when you are applying for jobs or further studies.

    You can log in to The Diploma Registry using the electronic ID-portal (MinID, BankID on mobile, BankID, Buypass or Commfides) or Feide (Federal Identity Management in the educational sector). When you log in, the system will retrieve all your results, digital Diploma and Diploma Supplement directly from the institution’s database. Only you can log onto the Diploma Registry and view your results. A recipient can only see your results if you have given them access. In the Diploma Registry you can generate a link which can easily be sent to selected recipients, or you can download and save your results as a PDF file with a digitally secured signature. You can also choose what language you want the results to appear in (Bokmål Norwegian, Nynorsk Norwegian or English).

  • From Spring 2023 all Diplomas from NMBU will be awarded automatically with a digital Diploma and Diploma Supplement. The Diploma and Diploma Supplement can be found in the Diploma Registry. If you order a hard copy of your Diploma the PDF version of the Diploma in the Diploma registry will no longer be available. You can still send your results from the Diploma registry, but the digitally signed PDF Diploma will be replaced by the hard copy. If you are in one of the following three groups we recommend that you apply for a hard copy of the Diploma:

    1. Persons who won’t be able on long term basis, to continue accessing the Norwegian Diploma Registry using the electronic ID-portal (MinID, BankID on mobile, BankID, Buypass or Commfides)
    2. Persons who are to use their education abroad, in countries where a digital signature is not approved.
    3. Persons who were awarded their Diploma before the 1 January 2023 and don’t have a digitally signed Diploma.

    If you are in one of these groups it is important that when you have received all grades, you apply for a hard copy of the Diploma and Diploma Supplement, via this electronic form: 

    You cannot apply for the hard copy of your Diploma certificate until you have received all your grades and your education plan is approved. 

    Are you not in one of the three groups your application for a hard copy of the Diploma will be declined. Your digitally signed Diploma is your final Diploma.

  • Your role as a student at NMBU will expire approximately three months after your degree is awarded and your access to student accounts will be deactivated (e.g. e-mail and OneDrive). Remember to copy the e-mails and files you want to keep before the student role expires. You will receive an e-mail stating the date your student role will expire. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact the IT-services

  • Diploma certificates are issued in Norwegian, unless the study programme is entirely conducted in English – if so the Diploma certificate will be issued in English.

    You will automatically receive the Diploma Supplement (DS) in English with your Diploma Certificate.

    You can also share your results in Norwegian (Bokmål or Nynorsk) or English through the Diploma Registry.

    If you need your Diploma certificate to be translated into another language than it was issued, you would need to provide the translation yourself. We recommend using a certified translator.

  • The DS is automatically generated along with the degree certificate and gives a supplementary description of the qualification obtained by the candidate. This is not a substitute for the final diploma, but a supplement to it. The intention is to “secure a fair academic and professional recognition of the qualification across frontiers (“international transparency”)”.

    The DS follows a specific format, and is divided into eight sections. Section eight, which describes the system of higher education in the given country, is a fixed common text for all DS issued in the given country. A description of the Norwegian education system is also included.

    When applying for jobs in Europe or further studies, you should include copies of both the diploma and diploma supplement for evaluation of your degree. The DS is only valid when used in conjunction with the diploma.

  • Continuing education at NMBU

    Information about postgraduate course with the Centre for Continuing Education at NMBU is available here or on Facebook: NMBU Videreutdanning.

    NMBU's Alumni Network

    Even though you have finished your studies, we hope that you will keep in touch with the university. As part of NMBU's alumni network, you can, among other things, receive news and updates from the university and your field of study, receive offers of continuing education and invitations to relevant academic and social events. Read more about NMBU Alumni and register here. Together we can deliver even better solutions to future needs and challenges.

  • If you find an error on your Diploma certificate, please send an e-mail to vitnemal@nmbu.no within one month after receiving the Diploma certificate.

    You have to bring your Diploma certificate and Diploma Supplement to Student Information Center (SiT) or post it to the address: Department of Academic Affairs, NMBU, Postboks 5003, 1432 Ås, Norway

    Upon receipt of your Diploma certificate, it will be corrected and sent back to your address.

    Please note that a new Diploma Certificate will not be issued because of a change in your education plan or an improvement of grade in a course included in the degree. In such cases, an improvement of grade(s) will appear in the Diploma Registry or a transcript of grades. If you do not have access to the Diploma Registry, can request Student Information Centre (SiT) to issue you a transcript of records.

    A new diploma will not be issued because of a change of name after your degree has been awarded.

    Have you lost your diploma?

    If you have lost your diploma and you live in Norway, we recommend using the Diploma Registry.

    If that is not sufficient, you can ask for a confirmation of your completed degree or a certified copy of your diploma. We ask you to contact us at vitnemal@nmbu.no. A certified copy of your Diploma Certificate may be issued only if there is a hard copy of the document in our archive.

    Under special circumstances (for example theft, fire or water damage) you may receive a duplicate of your Diploma Certificate. You must submit a written application to vitnemal@nmbu.no together with valid documentation. Valid documentation may be in the form of a police report if your diploma was stolen, confirmation from your insurance company in the event of fire, or the remains of the diploma if it was destroyed.

    Please note that a duplicate may be issued only if detailed information about yours grades exists in our administrative system. Othervice, you will receive a confirmation of the completed degree and transcript of records or a certified copy of your Diploma Certificate. This applies especially to older degrees.

    If you have any questions regarding your Diploma certificate or the Diploma Registry, please contact the Department of Academic Affairs at vitnemal@nmbu.no

  • Information about grading systems and qualification awarded at NMBU is available tildelt at this page:

    Grading systems

Contact information

If you have any questions regarding Diploma Certificate or Diploma Registry please contact the Department of Academic Affairs at vitnemal@nmbu.no