Research Excellence


Bildet viser asfalt og fyllmasse som ble dumpet i løpet av natten foran et av SKP's anlegg ved UMB

Centre for Research-based Innovation (CRI)

Centre for Rescue of Earth Materials and Waste in the Circular Economy

The centre will develop technologies and systems for sustainable handling and treatment of waste and surplus masses.


Centre for Environment-friendly Energy Research (FME)

Norwegian Centre for Sustainable Bio-based Fuels and Energy

The Centre aims to develop innovative technology and support industries to realize economic and sustainable conversion of lignocellulosic biomass and organic residues to transportation fuels, along with added value chemicals, heat and power. 

Illustrasjonsbilde av kalkulator, penger og en graf

Centre for Tax Research

Our research concerns tax and behavioural aspects, and we aim at conducting research that holds high international standards and contribute to an informed public debate.

Foods of Norway

Centre for Research-based Innovation (CRI)

The centre contributes to growth and increased value creation in Norwegian aquaculture, agriculture and forestry by developing novel feed ingredients from blue and green biomass, and thereby alleviating the pressure on natural resources for human food production. 

Profilbilder fra Cerad , NMBU

Centre of Excellence (CoE)

Centre for Environmental Radioactivity (CERAD)

The centre studies the harmful effects of radiation on organisms and the ecosystem as a whole, to improve the protection of people and environment.

Studenter fra ingerniørstudiene på Realtek snekrer bryggeanlegget ved veterinærbygningene
Centre of Excellence in education


SITRAP is a national resource center for didactics in the courses landscape architecture, urban and regional planning and property development. The center will contribute to strengthening all education programs that recruit for these professional areas.