The overall goal of the NANOWATER project is to develop an innovative and affordable concept for surveillance and management of emerging micropollutants in water using nanotechnologies.

01 Feb 2020 - 31 Dec 2022
Water Harmony


About the NANOWATER project

  • The NANOWATER project will prepare the treatment plants to comply with the forthcoming revision of the EU's Directives, while adopting the curricula and research focus of graduate students for the same, which will increase their attractiveness and relevance to future employers.

    The sub objective of the NANOWATER project are achieved through 4 subprojects:

    • (1) Development of research-based educational activities as a joint problem-focused course, educational materials and jointly trained MSc students;
    • (2) Increase mobility of students between Norway and the US, facilitating the development of their R&D competence and international networking, which they can carry into a professional career;
    • (3) Increase integration of higher education and research in the collaboration between Norway and the US by using academic and student research capabilities to solve end-users challenges and explore opportunities for entrepreneurship and commercialization of research results and
    • (4) Increase involvement of industrial and public stakeholders in the academic community, transforming learning into a partnership between students, academics and industrialists, making the graduate education more relevant to the needs of the industry/end-users.
  • NANOWATER is jointly coordinated by the Norwegian University of Life Sciences and the State University of New York Stony Brook. Two SMEs, Scandinavian Water Technology AS from Norway and Allied Microbiota from the US, are contributing to the project with industrial and innovation experiences.