Development of Cost-Effective Process for Phyco-Remediation of Dairy Wastewater and Valorization of Algal Biomass for Production of Biofuel and Biochemical: A Sustainable Approach towards Bio-Refinery

22 May 2023 - 21 May 2025

EU HORIZON – MSCA Individual Fellowships

About AlgalBB

Using innovative biology tools, the AlgalBB project intends to propose a biorefinery concept that will efficiently treat dairy wastewater through microalgae, together with biodiesel and bio-succinic acid production.

  • Currently, Dairy Wastewater (DW) is seen as a major global problem, difficult and expensive to treat and potentially very harmful to the environment as it contains high amounts of organic and inorganic content.

    The current treatment methods (physicochemical and conventional) are energy-intensive and don’t sufficiently remove the nutrients. But, with the high amount that is produced worldwide: 0.2‒10 L wastewater/ L of milk processed; this is potentially a valuable resource that, if utilized appropriately, can provide high-value green chemicals and biofuel.

    Therefore, a new cost-effective method for the treatment of DW along with the generation of valuable biomass needs to be developed.

  • In this context, AlgalBB proposes the concept of biorefinery for the substantive treatment of DW via microalgae, coupled with biodiesel and bio-succinic acid (SA) production. The objectives will be pursued through:

    1. The designing of a microalgae consortia that can remediate DW to achieve a zero-waste process and generate lipid/carbohydrate-rich algal biomass;
    2. The green synthesis of magnetic nanocatalyst for developing a low-cost, efficient method for in-situ transesterification for wet algal biomass to produce biodiesel;
    3. Development of multienzyme magnetic nanocatalyst for efficient enzymatic hydrolysis to recover fermentable sugars from algal biomass;
    4. Immobilization of fermentative bacteria for fermentation of sugars into SA.

    The interdisciplinary AlgalBB will apply cutting edge biology tools to complete the aforesaid objectives.

    AlgalBB adopts a circular economy approach that directly addresses clean water, clean energy; actions established by the Horizon 2020 Work Programme and will support the competitiveness of European biorefineries.

Funded by the EU
  • This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe programme, Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions, under grant agreement No 101064183.