Metabolism department

The metabolism department carries out projects on drug evaluation and digestibility tests on ruminants, pigs and horses.


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Phone: 48282430

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08:00 - 15:00

About the metabolism department

The department also carries out several types of sample processing, and is frequently used for teaching, and in tours for visitors at NMBU.

The department is an approved experimental animal department and has well-suited locations in the barn and stable. In the implementation of experimental projects and assignments, the focus is on quality assurance and animal welfare.

Experiments with cattle and horses are carried out with fistulated animals, and these animals can, among other things, also be used for studies in resource utilization and product quality.

  • All prices below are internal prices, external projects receive a 20% supplement.

    For animal experiments (apart from horses), animal hire from SHF is also included.

    For in vitro and in sacco, the price for experimental animals must be added to the basic price. The days the animal is on trial also include the 2-week adaptation period.

    Cost price (contribution)Sales price (assignment)
    Product at an hourly rate:NOKNOK
    Generell labtilgang (inngangspris) 8381047Per day per animal
    Horse trials1 3571 696Per day per animal
    Horse Walker247309 Hour
    Model animals7 2209 025Per trial period (4 animals in a week)
    Technical assistance5791 083Hour
    Student assistance 400748Hour
    Product at unit price:
    In Sacco1 1661 458Per test per time point
    Freeze drying of samples:2 5483 185Per day (per freeze dryer)
    Hot air drying of samples:100124pcs (per sample)
    Homogenization of samples:139173pcs (per sample)
    Gas production (gas metering)1 0911 666pcs (per sample)
    Daisy132165Per test per time point

    For internal research and teaching purposes, as well as externally funded grant projects, the grant price applies.
    For externally funded commissioned projects and sales activities, the commissioned price applies.

    For animal experiments (except for horses), animal rental from the Centre for Animal Research will also be added.
    For in vitro and in sacco, the price for animals in trials must be added to the basic price.
    The days the animal is in trials also includes the habituation period of 2 weeks.

    1 day = 7.5 hours 1 week = 5 days

    Any additional labour is added as an hourly rate for technician/stud.ass
    There is an additional fee for work between 16:00 and 06:00 and on weekends and public holidays.
    Minimum working time for attendance for trial work is 2 hours

    Delivery address:
    Stoffskifteavdelingen, IHA Senter for husdyrforsøk, Ås gård Syverudveien 27 D
    N-1432 Ås

  • At Ås Farm at NMBU, we have some cows that are a little different from most cows. These are the fistula cows, 12-14 of the kind. These cows have a hole in their rumen that is big enough to stick your hand into. The hole gives researchers and students a unique opportunity to study what goes on inside the cow.
    Read more about the fistula cows





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