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This group explores how Norwegian and other Scandinavian companies address pressing needs for sustainability transformation. It focuses on how businesses perceive opportunities and constraints and the challenges and successes they are experiencing in the process. Inspired by reflexive approaches to corporate social responsibility, the group seeks to go beyond and below lofty ideals and capture some of the contestations, paradoxes, and mundane travails that occur when businesses scramble to adjust to the Anthropocene.

Latest news

New PhD Student

We have recruited a new PhD student joining our team, Atieh Kherabi. She holds a master’s degree from University of Stavanger and wrote her master’s thesis on leadership competencies challenges in the Norwegian hotel industry. Atieh starts at NMBU in August.


  • The group has monthly seminars with presentations, discussions and feedback. Colleagues outside the group as well as master students are welcome to our seminars.

  • See individual researcher’s publication list in Cristin or Google Scholar.

  • Leadership (Charlotta Levay)

    Leadership development (Gro Ladegård)

    Leader role and identity (Gro Ladegård, Charlotta Levay)

    Sustainable agriculture (Sigurd Rysstad)

    Natural resource protection and human rights (Sigurd Rysstad)

    Management, governance, and leadership (Gro Ladegård)

    Professions and organisations (Charlotta Levay)

    Quantification and transparency in organisations (Charlotta Levay)

    Food industry cooperatives (Sigurd Rysstad)

    Sustainable hunting, fishing and reindeer managament (Sigurd Rysstad)

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