Faggruppe ernæring og fysiologi for enmagede dyr

We are a leading professional group within digestive physiology and feed ingredients. We generate new knowledge about how diets should be optimized to ensure a sustainable use of feed resources for poultry, pigs, fish, dogs and cats.

About the section

We contribute knowledge through the improvement of existing feed ingredients and the development of new, sustainable feed ingredients with significance for the circular bioeconomy. The research often takes place in collaboration with actors in the primary industry. Part of the group consists of members of "Food of Norway", which is a center for research-driven innovation with a broad focus on the development of future feed ingredients for both livestock and fish. Yeast, filamentous fungus, insects, microalgae, kelp and animal by-products are examples of this.

The research has a high international standard and is carried out in collaboration with other professional environments, both at NMBU and with other research environments nationally and internationally. The experiments are mostly carried out at NMBU facilities such as the Center for Feed Technology, the Centre for fish trials, the Metabolism department and the Livestock Production Research Centre

Controlled animal experiments are used to map the digestibility of nutrients, production responses such as growth and feed utilization, effects on health, as well as product quality.

Research project

Both projects we lead and those we are involved in