The main objective of the MiDiv lab is to understand biological processes of microorganisms in their natural environments.

About MiDiv Lab

  • We have a particular focus on microorganism living in the gut, and on the ocean floor. The gut is the place on earth with highest microbial density, being essential for health and wellbeing. The ocean floor covers more than 70 per cent of Earth’s surface, for which we know less than the surface of the moon. The microorganisms at the ocean floor are key to marine life, both through vitamin production and nutrient recycling.  

    To achieve our objective, we focus on developing comprehensive databases encompassing both taxonomic and functional diversity in the environments we study, such as the human gut and marine sediments. These databases will then serve as valuable resources for deriving functional knowledge and identifying keystone organisms and processes associated with ecosystem functioning.

    We place special emphasis on establishing and implementing technologies for large-scale screenings, including DNA analysis and on-line measurements. As part of this effort, we innovate new technologies that can spark startups, or contribute to existing industry.

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