Faggruppe avl, genetikk og matproduksjonssystemer

The section has broad expertise in breeding and genetics in all livestock species, including aquaculture. We also have expertise in sustainable food production systems.

About the section

We have experts in genomic selection, genetic analyses, models and methods for calculating breeding values, breeding planning, genetic resources and biological aspects of livestock breeding.

The group is internationally recognized as a leader in the development and use of genomic selection in applied livestock breeding. Research is being done on optimal utilization of the large and increasing amounts of genotype information and new phenotype data in breeding.

New phenotypes and new characteristics are central research areas, where the goal is to contribute to future challenges through, for example, breeding for better feed utilization and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

We have expertise in sustainable food production systems. How complex food systems are composed and how they interact to affect different aspects of whole system sustainability.

Medlemmene i faggruppen avl, genetikk og matproduksjonssystemer
Medlemmene i faggruppen Photo: Janne Karin Brodin

Research project

Both projects we lead and those we are involved in