Indo-Norwegian project for the development of candidate vaccines for fish. (InNoVacc-II)

This is a follow-up of the project: InNoVacc-I: Indo-Norwegian platform for the development of candidate vaccines for invertebrate, piscine and avian species.


More about the project

There are three topics of the InNoVacc-I that will be continued; 1) Protein engineering and lipid modification of viral proteins important as target for the fish immune response, 2) Nodavirus vaccine candidates, and 3) Characterization of immune and morphological responses in fish after virus infection.

The InNoVacc-II proposal aims to strengthen the Indian and Norwegian aquaculture through the development of vaccines that will improve fish health, increase productivity, enhance sustainability and reduce the environmental impact. A major emphasis is to develop vaccines that are advantageous to fish farming. A multi-disciplinary approach including engineering proteins with lipid, is used, where vaccine candidates are developed and tested for their level of protection, supported by studies of mucosal and innate immunity. Naturally produced bacterial lipoproteins and lipopeptides derived from them are known for their antigenicity owing the adjuvant property of the lipid. Lipid-modified antigens increase the ability of an antigen to induce an adaptive response and boost the antibody production. The aim is to optimize adjuvant-antigens for the fish immune response and fish vaccine development. We will aim at further characterising transcriptional and morphological responses in gills and gut of salmon. We will also study immune gene expression in sea bass following vaccination against nodavirus. Students from India will carry out this work in Norway using material from challenge experiments carried out in India.

Kort om prosjektet på norsk:

Indisk-norsk samarbeidsprosjekt for utvikling av vaksinekandidater beregnet på fisk (InNoVacc-II)

Prosjektet er en oppfølging til InNoVacc-I: Indisk-norsk plattform for utvikling av vaksinekandidater for virvelløse dyr, fisk og fugl.

Tre temaer I InNoVacc-I fortsettes I den nye prosjektet.

  1. Bearbeiding av virusproteiner som er viktige mål for fiskens immunrespons.
  2. Vaksinekandidater mot Nodavirus
  3. Karakterisering av immunresponser og morfologiske responser hos fisk etter virusinfeksjoner

Formålet med InNoVacc-II er å styrke indisk og norsk akvakultur gjennom å utvikle vaksiner som forbedrer fiskehelsen, øker produktiviteten, øker bærekraften og reduserer negativ innvirkning på miljøet.