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Wood interior: Health impact and indoor air using wood interior

1. January 2018 to 28. December 2018

Use of wood in the interior will be addressed through establishing an inter Nordic research network.

Reproductive sustainability in Norwegian Red cows

1. July 2016 to 31. December 2019

Successful reproduction is the result of complex interactions of many factors affected by genetics as well as environment. This project will deliver...

The FeedMileage project

1. January 2015 to 31. December 2019

The research project aims to increase the efficiency of Norwegian farm animal production by advanced nutritional and genetic methods.

The BIOFEED project

1. January 2014 to 31. December 2019

Develops novel salmon feed by integrated bioprocessing of non-food biomass


1. August 2018 to 31. July 2022

TRANSPOSE will use salmonid fishes, which have a high load of TEs in their genome, as a model system to understand the functional roles of TEs in...

NorENS: Developing the Norwegian Energy System in the European Energy Transition

1. April 2018 to 1. July 2021

NorENS will explore the likely directions of the European energy transition. It will develop future-oriented analysis models that connect all...

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