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1. January 2020 to 31. December 2022

In the project 'Smolt production protocols and breeding strategies for synchronized smoltification' researchers from NMBU, UiT, and NOFIMA...


1. August 2020 to 31. December 2024

A joint NRC Havbruk and ERA-Net (BlueBio CoFund) project that seeks to improve aquaculture sustainability by modulating the feed-microbiome-host axis...


1. June 2020 to 1. June 2024

How to get people to walk more in small Norwegian cities. The aim of WALKMORE is to realize the great potential for walking in small Norwegian cities...

Compact City or Sprawl? The Role of Urban Form in Subjective Well-being

1. September 2015 to 31. August 2018

This research project generates new theoretical and empirical knowledge on the relationship between urban form and subjective well-being (SWB).

Reliable and efficient high-throughput phenotyping to accelerate genetic gains in Norwegian plant breeding (virtual phenomics; vPheno)

1. May 2017 to 30. April 2022

Use of drones and robots to accelerate genetic gains in Norwegian wheat breeding

WheatSustain - Knowledge-driven genomic predictions for sustainable disease resistance in wheat

1. April 2019 to 31. December 2022

SusCrop ERA-NET project focusing on improving genomic selection for disease resistance in wheat by using knowledge about genes and their functions to...

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