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SECPLAN - Planning for Sustainable Second-Home Development

1. October 2021 to 30. September 2025

SECPLAN responds to the societal need of strengthening the role of planning in making second-home development sustainable.

DIVERSILIENCE - Diversifying organic crop production to increase resilience

1. October 2021 to 30. September 2024

DIVERSILIENCE aims to improve the productivity and resilience of organic crop production by better utilization of crop diversity, through research...

Blue-green infrastructures on campus Ås

8. October 2021 to 8. October 2025

Blue-green infrastructures are being built to protect cities from flash floods. But how do they affect biodiversity, water quality and the people...

ECO-SOS: Development of Emerging Contaminants – Hybrid Soft Sensor for on-line monitoring of contaminants of emerging concern in water

1. June 2021 to 31. May 2023

The EU-funded project will develop real-time control and monitoring systems as well as a novel, cost-effective, easy to use surveillance system to...


1. October 2021 to 30. September 2025

This project will provide important research-based knowledge on the significance of municipal public health measures by studying the establishment...

GoatMilkSCC: High somatic cell numbers in goat milk – influence on product quality

1. May 2021 to 30. June 2024

In this project, we will research the type of cells present in the milk, and how these cells affect the quality of goat milk and goat's milk...

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