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SHAMISEN SINGS - Stakeholder Involvement In Generating Science After Nuclear Emergencies

1. December 2017 to 29. February 2020

SHAMISEN-SINGS aims to enhance Citizen Participation in preparedness for and recovery from a radiation accident through novel tools and APPs to...

TERRITORIES - To Enhance unceRtainties Reduction and stakeholders Involvement TOwards integrated and graded Risk management of humans and wildlife In long-lasting radiological Exposure Situations

1. January 2017 to 31. December 2019

The TERRITORIES project targets an integrated and graded management of contaminated territories characterised by long-lasting environmental...

CONFIDENCE - COping with uNcertainties For Improved modelling and DEcision making in Nuclear emergenCiEs

1. January 2017 to 31. December 2019

The H2020 CONFIDENCE Project aims to close existing gaps in several areas of emergency management and long-term rehabilitation

MeaTable - Robotised cells to obtain efficient meat production for the Norwegian meat industry

1. April 2018 to 31. March 2021

This project will develop a novel robotic work-bench, or cell, for use in abattoirs for assisting with the primary cutting of carcasses.

GrassRobotics - A novel adaptation strategy for forage production under wet growing conditions - robotization and high quality forages

1. April 2018 to 31. December 2021

This project will develop a sustainable production system for forage production using a lightweight robot and novel seed mixtures.

NovelPol - Novel organic pollutants from recycling of organic waste as risk factors for human exposure.

20. November 2017 to 20. November 2020

The NovelPol project deals with scientific characterisation of sources, dispersion and exposure processes for novel organic pollutants of different...

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