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Public health partnerships between regional governments and universities within the WHO's Europe Regions for health network (RHN)

1. September 2018 to 31. December 2022

In this project we want to identify and describe sustainable partnerships, and investigate important barriers and facilitators for sucsess.

Modelling of Carbon Capture in Molten Salts

1. March 2021 to 28. February 2025

The project is an industrial PhD in collaboration with Enestor AS.

Social sustainability in local communities in Østfold, Norway.

1. September 2020 to 31. August 2023

The purpose of this project is to better understand how local communities in Østfold can be described in terms of social sustainability.

People’s use of shopping centres as public space – the role of shopping centres for social sustainability

1. October 2020 to 30. September 2023

Shopping centres are found to emerge as a new type of public space. However, there is still limited knowledge about how people use shopping centres...

NMBU Sustainability Arena: Embedding planetary boundaries in science, policy and education

14. April 2021 to 31. December 2024

Meeting human needs within planetary boundaries is the central idea of sustainability, but formal recognition of limits contrasts with the promotion...

NMBU Sustainability Arena: Solving the plastic problem

14. April 2021 to 31. December 2024

Plastic is an extremely valuable and massively used material that unfortunately creates many subsidiary problems.

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