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1. January 2023 to 31. December 2027

Pandemic literacy and viral zoonotic spillover risk at the frontline of disease emergence in Southeast Asia to improve pandemic preparedness.

Digitalisation of the water sector and water education (DigiwatRO)

15. January 2021 to 31. December 2024

The DigiwatRO project will increase the effectiveness in the water sector by enhancing the use of digital tools in utilities facilitated by the...

Digitalisation of water industry by innovative graduate water education (DIGIWATER)

1. January 2021 to 31. December 2023

The ambition of the DIGIWATER project is to foster digital innovation in the water sector.

Managing nanoparticles and use of nanotechnology in water (NANOWATER)

1. February 2020 to 31. December 2022

The overall goal of the NANOWATER project is to develop an innovative and affordable concept for surveillance and management of emerging...

Graduates for Climate Change adapted water management (CCWater)

15. January 2021 to 14. January 2024

The CCWater project addresses 'knowledge building' to address water scarcity and water management in 3 partner countries in Asia. ...

Serious gaMes for digitAl Readiness of waTer EducatioN (SMARTEN)

1. February 2021 to 28. February 2023

SMARTEN focuses on innovative practices based on serious games in education, addressing the water subject in line with the European goals on...

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