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Quality of life and everyday life experiences in the process of recovery

1. January 2018 to 31. December 2020

The project aims to explore the experiences of personal and social recovery of persons with interacting substance use and mental health problems who...

Historical Archive of Norwegian Landscape Architecture

1. January 2012 to 31. December 2019

The collections of the Archive illustrate the development of Norwegian landscape architecture in the past 100 years, both in education and in...

RURITAGE: Rural regeneration through systemic heritage-led strategies

1. June 2018 to 30. June 2022

RURITAGE establishes a new heritage-led rural regeneration paradigm able to turn rural areas in sustainable development demonstration laboratories,...

FRAGLA: From Fragmented to Integrated Landscape Management. Values of Green Cultural Heritage and implications for future policies and practises

12. May 2015 to 31. December 2018

The project aims to develop new knowledge of management policy and practice to facilitate integration of values and uses of cultural landscape (...

Effects of lipids’ composition and structure in meat and dairy foods on digestibility and low-grade inflammation in cells, animals and humans (LipidInflammaGenes)

1. July 2018 to 31. December 2021

LipidInflammaGenes will study triacylglycerols from Norwegian animal products, exploring effects on genes, inflammation and hunger/satiety hormones,...

SHAMISEN SINGS - Stakeholder Involvement In Generating Science After Nuclear Emergencies

1. December 2017 to 29. February 2020

SHAMISEN-SINGS aims to enhance Citizen Participation in preparedness for and recovery from a radiation accident through novel tools and APPs to...

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