The Phenomenology of Audial Experience

The Phenomenology of Audial Experience


«The Phenomenology of Audial Experience» connects science (especially acoustics), music and musical composition, and philosophy of science in an aesthetic learning process.



The interdisciplinary aspect of the project is grounded in the research group at RealTek, Art and Science in Education. Based on a phenomenological inquiry, the project aims at providing knowledge about sound as experience and attentive listening and their relevance for teaching and learning. The project has two main research questions:

  • With reference to sound as a science topic and listening as a basic skill: which insights are promoted through interdisciplinary cooperation between the fields of physics, music, science education, and philosophy of science?
  • With reference to learning and teaching: which practical-pedagogical consequences might come out of aesthetic project work between art, science and, philosophy?

The project consists of a research component, an artistic part (musical composition), and an educational component. (...)