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Public deliverables


Scientific Publications

Published 20. November 2019 - 15:51 - Updated 18. April 2020 - 16:45

In the spring and summer 2020, COST Members supposed to participate to several conferences, special sesssions and roundtables in order to present the first outcomes of the COSTAction researh, such as:


1. RSA Annual Conference, Lubjana 2020!  Special session organized by the COST members Pavel Bednář (Tomas Bata University in Zlin, Czech Republic), Grzegorz Micek (Jagiellonian University, Poland), Mina Akhavan, Politecnico di Milano, Italy) and Ilaria Mariotti (Politecnico di Milano, Italy). SS38: New Working Spaces as a Driver of Regional and Urban Transition to Digital and Creative Economy

2. ERSA Congress Bolzano 2020  

3. AESOP Annual Congress, Bristol 2020 Roundtable proposal on 'New Working Spaces in the age of digital transformation and implications for planning by Mina DI Marino, Stefano Di Vita (Politecnico di Milano, Italy), Sofia Morgado, Divya Leducq and Valeria Fedeli.

However, due to the coronavirus, these conferences and other congresses around the world have been cancelled. 

This preparation of papers, special sessions and roundtables, however, has intiated several collaborations under the COVID-19 amongst the COSTmembers  and comparitive studies and exchange of data on new working spaces.

Published 20. November 2019 - 15:51 - Updated 20. April 2020 - 14:26