Naturebased tourism in the new bio-economy
Nordic Prespectives on Nature-based Tourism

Nordic Prespectives on Nature-based Tourism

Understanding the potential for innovation and sustainable development in nature-based tourism goes beyond individual companies or situations. It calls for a broad integrated approach where the dynamics of resources (nature, culture, landscapes, infrastructures, etc.), markets (supply and demand, customer segments), organizations (networks, managers and entrepreneurs) and products are all equally evaluated. This is exactly what the book Nordic Perspectives on Nature-based Tourism – From place-based resources to value-added experiences sets out to do.

What we do

The BIOTOUR project analyzes key conditions for future development of nature-based tourism (NBT) in Norway that contribute to business innovation, community resilience and sustainable use of natural resources.

Introduction video:

The project focuses on four case study themes of significance to the Norwegian NBT sector:

  • adventure
  • wildlife
  • trails
  • events

BIOTOUR is managed by the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) in co-operation with four Norwegian and five international partner organizations.

The project, supported by the Norwegian Research Council 2016 - 2020, is organized as five integrated work packages for research and two supporting work packages for outreach, communication and project administration.

BIOTOUR also has a website in Norwegian with more general information and news from the project.

Contact information


Visiting adress:

Høgskoleveien 12, 1430 Ås NORWAY

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Project leader: 

Peter Fredman
+ 47 67 23 16 52


Jan Vidar Haukeland
+ 47 67 23 17 17 / 926 30 190

Communication and administration:

Nikoline Hambro Dybsand
+47 48405877


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