Naturebased tourism in the new bio-economy
Nordic Perspectives on Nature-based Tourism

Nordic Perspectives on Nature-based Tourism

Fascination with nature has been expressed throughout the history of tourism. Much of the early tourism, such as the eighteenth-century conquests of the European Alps, salmon fishing in Norwegian rivers or trophy hunting in Africa had nature experiences as a key pull-factor. Nature-based tourism makes up a growing share of the modern tourism industry and following the Covid-19 pandemic, many societies experienced an increased interest for recreation in the outdoors.

What we do

The BIOTOUR project analyzes key conditions for future development of nature-based tourism (NBT) in Norway that contribute to business innovation, community resilience and sustainable use of natural resources.

Introduction video:

The project focuses on four case study themes of significance to the Norwegian NBT sector:

  • adventure
  • wildlife
  • trails
  • events

BIOTOUR is managed by the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) in co-operation with four Norwegian and five international partner organizations.

The project, supported by the Norwegian Research Council 2016 - 2020, is organized as five integrated work packages for research and two supporting work packages for outreach, communication and project administration.

BIOTOUR also has a website in Norwegian with more general information and news from the project.

Contact information


Visiting adress:

Høgskoleveien 12, 1430 Ås NORWAY

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Project leader: 

Peter Fredman
+ 47 67 23 16 52


Jan Vidar Haukeland
+ 47 67 23 17 17 / 926 30 190

Communication and administration:

Nikoline Hambro Dybsand
+47 48405877


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