Einar Lillebye is voted NMBU’s Best Lecturer

Lillebye, a professor at the Faculty of Landscape and Society, won the prize for NMBU's Best Lecturer for the spring term 2020 on the basis of student nominations. Congratulations!

Lillebye won the award for his teaching on the course Street Planning and Design at the Department of Landscape Architecture.  

The students used many words to praise the winner. They describe him as engaging, solution-oriented, fair, skilled, and always on the side of the students”, says Iben Amalie Lund Johansen, who was part of the Student Council evaluating the nominations. “[The students pointed out that] even during the COVID pandemic, Lillebye is always available – something the students really appreciate”.

The evaluation committee’s assessment states that, among other things, Lillebye is a person who has engaged students within their discipline over several years and who, with his curiosity and enthusiasm, inspires students to immerse themselves in their subject. The Committee also emphasized Lillebye’s ability to create a safe atmosphere, and to ensure that all students are included, both academically and socially.

The Committee went on to say:

“The lecturer has facilitated contact between the business community and the students. Through excursions (both abroad and within Norway), relevant case-based assignments and workshops, students gain invaluable learning outcomes, and really get to put theory into practice”.

The student representatives commented:

The lecturer was described by one of his students as ‘quite simply a wonderful guy!’ There are many skilled lecturers at NMBU, and this award is highly esteemed”.

Pro-Rector Solve Sæbø congratulated Lillebye on behalf of the Rector and Leadership at NMBU:

“I have noticed some of the words used [in Lillebye’s assessment]: Curious, safe atmosphere, inspiration, dedication – they are a testament to the fact that your way of teaching is completely in line with the learning philosophy here at NMBU. It is wonderful that you shape a safe atmosphere, relevance for learning and motivation for learning - that you create an effective space for learning. On behalf of NMBU’s leadership, I would like to thank and congratulate you!”

The award winner himself seemed both surprised and delighted:

“I'm speechless about the prize. I have had the pleasure of teaching at NMBU for 10 years and 11 months, and next Tuesday I leave. It has been a privilege to be here and to teach wonderful students. I want to thank the students, because it is they who have given me motivation. I have had a goal for the students to have fun, because when one has fun at work, one  achieves and learns a lot. I am very touched by this prize. It means a lot to me. Thanks so much!”

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