With Leganto you can easily and efficiently create, maintain and reuse quality-assured reading lists. With its integration with Canvas and Oria, students get a seamless experience, with a comprehensive overview of all literature and access to full-text articles and compendium files directly from the list, as well as information on whether the curriculum books are available in the library.

When you use Leganto, the library will assist you with guidance, checking lists and making them available on Canvas. Among other things, the library will check whether curriculum books have been published in new editions, check that links work and whether we have access to the articles you want in your reading list.

  • Log in to Leganto with Feide. You can find reading lists by searching for them in Leganto. If you cannot find the list you are looking for, please contact biblioteket@nmbu.no for help.

  • In NMBUhelp you will find instructions on how to add content to reading list and how to change the sections.

  • The reading lists for the next term are ready to be worked on from mid-April and from the beginning of October.

  • When the reading list has been revised, you send the list to the library from Leganto. Select "My list is ready" at the top right. This must always be done, even when no changes have been made. The deadline for this is 20 May (for autumn courses) and 15 November (for spring courses).
    It is important that the deadlines are met.

  • If you cannot find Leganto in your Canvas room, please take a look at this guide in NMBUhelp, which explains how to enable it.