Copyright and use of protected material

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Production of digital coursepacks with Bolk and agreements with Kopinor, Norwaco and BONO

NMBU has agreements with Kopinor, Norwaco and Bono for the use of protected material in teaching, research and communication.

By following the provisions of the licence, students and staff will ensure that copyright for different material is safeguarded.

The university library manages the licences and can be contacted at

  • Through the Kopinor licence, students and staff can take photocopies, prints, and digital copies of published material without having to consult the rights holders and obtain their permission. The licence gives students and employees the right to copy material that is protected by the Copyright Act. The copied material must only be used for purposes within education, research and administration at the institution. The permission applies to published material from both Norwegian and foreign rights holders, regardless of whether Kopinor represents their rights. It is a prerequisite that the copying should not replace, but be a supplement to, the purchase of published material.

    The licence applies to internal use for employees, students, course participants and others with a special connection to the institution. The licence gives the right to copy from all published material, Norwegian and foreign, including books, journals, magazines, newspapers, etc. as well as content from the internet. The author's name and the work's title and source must be stated. The licence does not include sound and moving images, computer programs and games, or original copies of fine art and photography etc. It is not permitted to make protected material available on open internet sites. This applies even if the content is taken from other open websites.

    More information and the licence itself can be found on Kopinor's website.

  • Through the Kopinor agreement, NMBU is allowed to make copies of published material, without having to track down the rights holders and obtain the individual's permission. The Bolk service is used to register all book excerpts that are copied and made available to students, to ensure rights clearance. In addition, you can make coursepacks or order individual files through the same system. The students then receive a PDF without copy protection, and they can freely use it for their own studies.

    The university library administers the service at NMBU. More information about Bolk can be found on the university library's website.

  • The agreement with Norwaco gives NMBU the right to use TV programs in teaching activities. The agreement includes all NRK's TV and radio channels, a number of European TV channels as well as most Norwegian-produced feature films.   

    More information about the agreement on Norwaco's website for teaching.

  • Through NMBU's agreement with BONO, arrangements are made for internal, digital use of images in teaching. The agreement gives NMBU the right to digital use of visual works by Norwegian and foreign artists represented by BONO. 

    More information about the agreement on BONO's website for teaching.