How to borrow and order materials?

Registered patrons may order loans and copies through the library catalogue oria. Publications not available in NMBUs own collection can be obtained from other libraries.

  • All students and staff at NMBU are automatically registered as patrons at the University Library. Your student card/employee card works as a library card.

  • Ordinary lending period is normally 4 weeks, whereas reading list literature is available for 1 week. You can renew your loans yourself in Oria.

  • You can order books and articles yourself in Oria. Log in with your NMBU username and password (Feide login). Search for material and click on "Order".

  • In Oria, you can choose to search in all Norwegian subject libraries at the same time, or you can limit your search to only the library at NMBU. If you cannot find what you are looking for at NMBU, you can place an order in Oria. The library will arrange to borrow/obtain the material from other libraries. Loans and copies of materials from libraries in the Nordic countries are free of charge for students.

  • You can also order books and articles that are not available in Oria. Click on the "Order" tab and fill in information about the book/article. The library will arrange to borrow/obtain books from other libraries.

  • You can get an overview of your own loans, reservations and orders in "My account" in Oria. Here it is also possible to renew your current loans.

    • Log on to Oria via FEIDE with your NMBU username and password.
    • Click on "My Account".
    • Renew all loans or select the ones you want to renew.

    If a loan cannot be renewed, the Renew button is not displayed. Contact the library if you wish to renew books borrowed from other libraries.

Loan terms

The university library will primarily cover the need for library services for students and staff at NMBU. The library is also open to external users.

Violation of loan rules may result in loss of loan rights.

  • Library card
    Students and staff at NMBU use student/employee cards as library cards. Other users can borrow library cards by showing valid identification.

    Loan period
    Ordinary loan periods are 1-4 weeks. Loans can be renewed if there is no waiting list.

    Borrower's obligations
    All material taken out of the library must be registered as borrowed. The loan period must be observed.

    Claims for compensation in case of lost literature
    Loss or damage to material entails liability for damages. After the 3rd reminder, a compensation claim is sent: NOK 750 per document. The amount includes an administration fee of NOK 250, which must be paid even if the document is returned.

    Inter library loans
    Material that is not available at NMBU can be obtained in the form of loans or copies from other libraries. The university library does not normally lend to users associated with an institution with its own library service. For borrowing, the owner library's lending rules apply.

    Services for external users

    External users can order copies from the University Library for a fee.

    • Prices
    • • From NMBU's collection: NOK. 60
    • • From Norwegian libraries: NOK. 75
    • • From foreign libraries: NOK. 150,-

    Larger reference tasks, searches in databases, preparation of bibliographies, more extensive training and the like can be carried out by agreement for a fee. Hourly rate NOK 650 (excl. VAT).