Laboratory of Microbial Gene Technology (LMG)

Laboratory of Microbial Gene Technology (LMG)

Vancomycin resistance

Microbial gene technology: from basic research to applications

At LMG, our primary focus is research in bacteriocins; we also study dairy activity and vitamin K, and microbiota and health

Prof. Dzung Diep leads our research in bacteriocins, both fundamental and applied. We aim to understand how bacteriocins interact with receptors on target cells, leading to their destruction. Such studies are crucial as a basis to further develop bacteriocins into safe and efficient applications, as food preservatives and novel drugs. Our applied research focuses particularly on developing bacteriocins into drugs to fight antibiotic-resistant pathogens. 

Our group has a longstanding research collaboration on dairy activity with TINE, Norway's largest dairy company. This work is led by Prof. Helge Holo. Our research looks at bacteriophages affecting dairy processes, and bacteriophage strain and diversity in these processes. We also study vitamin K2 production in lactic acid bacteria, and how to improve this in dairy products.

Our work on microbiota and health (the MiDiv Lab) is led by Prof. Knut Rudi. Our main scientific interests here are the transmission and establishment of gut bacteria within a host population, and host-bacterial coevolution.

We also collaborate with STIM AS, researching innovations in aquaculture.

Featured Project:

Bacteriocins to fight infections connected to leprosy and diabetes




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