The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine's board and committees

  • Members of the faculty board at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in the period 01.08.2021 - 31.07.2025. Temporary staff in teaching and research positions and students have been elected for one year.

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    The Board for The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine 01.08.2021 - 31.07.2025:

    External members:

    Gunnar Dalen

    Organization Director i Tine

    Chairman of the board

    Kristin Ottesen

    Daglig leder i Havet fiskehelse AS

    Permanent member

    Finn Eirik Johansen

    Professor UiO, Department of Biosciences

    Permanent member

    Hilde Bremnes

    Head of department in the Norwegian Food Safety Authority

    Alternate member

    Ågot Aakra

    Project director at the Institute of Public Health

    Alternate member

    Permanent staff in teaching and research positions:

    Temporary employees in teaching and research positions:

    Employees in technical and administrative positions:

    Student representatives:

    Kristine Koppervik


    Permanent member

    Linda Martine Lindstad



    Peter Becskei


    Permanent member

    Magnus Dypvik



    Secretary: Anne Storset, dean

  • The research committee at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (FU-VET) is the faculty's strategic body within research, and provides advice and input to the dean in matters relating to research, innovation, external research collaboration and research training.

    FU-VET consists of the head and secretary, representatives of permanent and temporary academic staff associated with the faculty's departments, in addition to a representative of the PhD candidates and technical-administrative staff. Head of FU-VET, is also at all times a member of the central Research Committee at NMBU (FU-NMBU), which is the university's research policy advisory body. FU-VET meets before all meetings of FU-NMBU and has the opportunity to give input to FU-NMBU.

    See the guidelines for the Research Committee at the faculrt of Veterinary Medicine (in Norwegian) for more information on the committee's role and authority.

    Members of the Research Committee

  • The PhD program council for Veterinary Science and committee for European specialist education (PhD program council VET) work to develop and strengthen the quality of the PhD education both in content and organization at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. We want input from supervisors and candidates on matters relating to research training.

    PhD program council VET's responsibilities and task areas:

    • Operational responsibility for content and organization of the PhD programme
    • Heve og styrke kvaliteten på utdanningen
    • Raise and strengthen the quality of education
    • Process admission applications to the PhD program in Veterinary Science
    • Process other applications (changes in the supervisor group/training part/agreement period and special curriculum) in the PhD education
    • Annual PhD program evaluation
    • Help ensure we are able to train diplomats
    • Assessment of research line projects in veterinary education
    • Give advice to the dean in matters concerning the diplomatic and research education

    How to register cases:

    Cases are reported to the head of the program council, the PhD advisors at the faculty or the representatives at the departments. Feel free to send an email to

    PhD program council VET has 7 meetings a year. Deadlines for sending cases can be found in the table below.

    Meeting DateDeadlineMeeting DateDeadline
    27 January 20231 January 202331 August 202315 August 2023
    22 March 20231 March 202326 October 20231 October 2023
    24 May 20231 May 202314 December 20231 December 2023
    23 June 20231 June 2023

    Since the program council assesses admission applications to the PhD program in Veterinary Science, these deadlines also apply as deadlines for submitting admission applications to the PhD programme.

    Members of the PhD program council VET

    ChairAndrew Michael JanczakMarina Aspholm (Deputy Chair)
    SecretaryOliver Li XingwenMarianne Tandberg
    Representative PrePatKarin ZimmerFrode Lingaas
    Representative SportFaMedKarin Hultin JäderlundHeidi Sjetne Lund
    Representative ProdMedCamilla KiellandRandi Oppermann Moe
    Representative ParaFagMarina Aspholm (Nestleder)Marit Jørgensen Bakke
    PhD CandidateMalin Brimsholm (permisjon) Anna Bergfeldt
    PhD Candidate Unni Lise Jonsmoen
    Specialist CandidateBente Wabakken HognestadMaria Thorell (permisjon)
    Mari Nyborg Hauback (1. vara)
    Marit Gaastra Maaland (2. vara)
    StudentThea JacobsenAndreas Sedin
  • The Faculty Academic Affairs Committee (VET-SU) is the faculty's strategic body within education. The committee must give advice and strategic input to the dean in matters relating to education.

    Members of the Faculty Academic Affairs Committee (VET-SU)

    Frida Frigstad Aggvin


    Student representative 1

    Ida Marie Hennø


    Student representative 2

    Jenny Elise Skogsrød


    Student representative

    Observer: Head of the Academic and Research Administration