Midway Seminar for Eirik Gundersen's Research on Digital Twin Technology in Spatial Planning Practice

By Ramzi Hassan

Eirik Gundersen
Midway seminar Eirik GundersenPhoto: Ramzi Hassan

The midway seminar for PhD candidate Eirik Nilsson Gundersen was held on February 7th, 2024, marking a milestone in his research journey

Gundersen presented his ongoing work on the research topic titled 'Digital Twin Technology meets spatial planning practice: knowledge basis, conceptualisation, implementation.' Under the mentorship of Associate Professors Marius Grønning and Ramzi Hassan. Gundersen shared his research findings as part of the Twin Fjord research project. This project aims to develop a participatory planning support system for sustainable land use management in Norway, utilizing digital twin technology. The seminar included a thought-provoking discussion with external discussant Stefano Moroni from Politecnico Milano, offering valuable insights from both academia and industry.

Central to Gundersen's work is the exploration of how digital planning instruments are conceptualized, innovated, and implemented to address the evolving needs of planners and stakeholders. Gundersen presented the dissertation structure, which sets the stage for his research, focusing on the convergence of digital technology and spatial planning practice. While Gundersen's research has already yielded significant insights, he looks forward to completing data collection for the forthcoming articles in the spring of 2024. The subsequent analysis and writing process will culminate in the completion of these articles in the autumn of the same year.

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