Promising research results made by Foods of Norway will be presented at the European Aquaculture Society meeting

By Janne Karin Brodin

Aquaculture Europe / Foods of Norway
Aquaculture Europe / Foods of NorwayPhoto: NMBU

Researchers from Foods of Norway will have a total of eight oral presentations at the conference which will be held in Vienna from 18 to 21 September. The topics are new microbial ingredients and functional foods that contain yeast and seaweed extracts.

«We have obtained promising results in Food of Norway and the spin-off project NordicFeed on the effect of the microbial protein P. variotii. The protein is produced from forest side streams and has shown good results on the growth and health of Atlantic salmon", says Professor Margareth Øverland, leader of Foods and Norway.

Furthermore, Øverland says that results from another salmom project, Resilient has shown that salmon fed functional feed containing seaweed extracts and yeast were healthier and more robust during seawater transfer.

Presentations from the Foods of Norway team:

  • Solving the raw material crisis: A Norwegian perspective on developing functional ingredients for novel aquafeeds.
    - Margareth Øverland
  • Paecilomyces variotii in novel feeds for Atlantic salmon: Effects on pellet quality, growth performance, nutrient digestibility and utilization, and immune-related biomarkers in the distal intestine
    - Jamie M. Hooft
  • Beyond nutritional value: mycoprotein Paecilomyces variotii improves  growth performance and overall health responses in Atlantic salmon
    - Dominic Duncan Mensah
  • Liver transcriptome during seawater transfer in two different Atlantic salmon families fed functional diets containing D.hansenii yeast-based products
    - Brancika Djordevic
  • Immunomodulator effects of laminarin from Laminaria Hyperborea on Atlantic salmon leukocytes – first steps towards novel functional feed application for salmon
    - Ruth Tamara Montero
  • Nutritional programming using fucoidan from sugar kelp as a feed additive to improve trained immunity in Atlantic salmon against Tenacibaculum maritimum
    - Byron Morales Lange

Other presentations from the Foods of Norway team are:

Results from a trial where salmon were fed diets containing the novel feed ingredient, Black solder fly larva meal, showed good result son technical feed quality, growth performance and health of Atlantic salmon under field condition.

Further, promising results on the use of functional feeds containing a heat killed parabiotic, lactobacillus planetarium, on health and survival of Atlantic salmon during a life pathogen challenge study was found.  

  • Black soldier fly larvae (Hermetia illucens) meal is a viable protein source for Atlantic salmon in a large-scale controlled field trial under commercial-like conditions.
    - Linn Eide
  • From a cell model to a fish trial: Immunomodulatory effects of heat killed L Plantarum as functional ingredients in aquafeeds for salmonids 
    - Sergio Rocha

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