VET342 Clinical Communication, Mental Health and Clinic Management

Credits (ECTS):1.5

Course responsible:Kristin Wear Prestrud

Teaching language:Norsk

Course frequency:Yearly

Teaching and exam period:Spring Semester

About this course

A day focusing on mental health. Students will be givin insight into challenges in the professional life of a vet or vet nurse that can challenge mental health. Students will be given information on how to prevent mental health issues, which danger signs one must be aware of, preventive measures and to know when to seek professional help.

Three days with clinical communication where students learn about effective ways to communicate with owners, clients and colleagues.

A day with clinic management. The focus is on the small animal clinical sector but is transferrable to the selv-employed sector. Students are given a day where they learn the importance of price setting their services, amongst other things, and the effect this has on salary and overall profit.

Learning outcome

Outcomes: After the module the student shall be able to:
  • Understand the signs of potential mental health issues
  • Have insight into the potential triggers for mental health issues
  • Know certain techniques for preventing mental health issues
  • Know when to ask for professional help
  • Know how to communicate efficiently with owners and colleagues
  • Know different technique sin how to make communication efficient
  • Know how not to communicate
  • Have an understanding of the interlinking of pricing ones services, salary levels and general profitability in a clinic.
  • Know which factors to include when calculating price levels for services
  • Be able to reflect on ones own mental health status
  • Be able to consider the most efficient and effective way of communicating with clients and colleagues
  • Have a professional approach to pricing ones services

  • For the bachelor vet nursing students the module is mandatory. Approved absence up to 20% is accepted. All absence that is not approved, or approved absence that exceeds 20% will result in the student having to write a report on the topic for the days the absence took place.

    For the vet students the module is voluntary. In order to gain 1,5 ECTS points the module must be attended in its entirety. Approved absence of 20% is accepted, any absence above this will result in no ECTS points being awarded.

  • B-DYR +VET