PPRA200 Teaching Practice

Course responsible:Nina Elisabeth Arnesen

Campus / Online:Taught campus Ås

Teaching language:Norsk

Limits of class size:35

Course frequency:Annually

Nominal workload:10 days. The amount of hours should equal to those of a teacher with a full time position - 100 hours.

Teaching and exam period:This course starts in August block. This course has teaching/evaluation in August block, Autumn parallel, January block, Spring parallel, June block. See detailed plan for the subject in Canvas.

  • PPXP100
  • Teaching practice lasts for 10 days altogether, as an integrated part of the study.

    Mark: Passed/Not passed.

    The supervisors/practice school have the main responsibility for evaluating the teaching practice period, while Department of Educational Sciences is responsible for the total final evaluation.

  • A plan for the period of practice, and a report just after the period is finished.
  • The course consists of 10 days guided practical training.
  • M-LUN
  • Realfag.