PJH260 Term Paper in Plant Production

Credits (ECTS):5

Course responsible:Anne Kjersti Uhlen

Campus / Online:Taught campus Ås

Teaching language:Norsk

Course frequency:Annually.

Nominal workload:125 hours

Teaching and exam period:Spring parallell.

About this course

Term paper in plant production. The term paper are linked to one of the courses PJH212, PJH230, PJH240 or PJH250, and will provide specialization within these topics.

Learning outcome


  • Have updated and deep knowledge within a defined topic within plant production


  • Can search relevant literature, and evaluate the quality critically
  • Can present the topic orally for students on the Bachelor- of Master level
  • Can present the topic in a scientific way in a written report or assignment


  • Can analyze and synthesize knowledge from different sources and disciplines
  • Can discuss the topic, and evaluate the significance and possibilities for implementations in the commercial production
  • Can contribute with own reflections and innovation
  • The student shall select the topic and work independently with the term paper under guidance of teacher/techers. The student shall also prepare and present an oral lecture to be held for co-students and teachers.
  • Canvas
  • PJH212, PJH230, PJH240 or PJH250.
  • Written term paper count 100%.

  • External evaluator shall evaluate the written term paper. Grading system A-F.
  • Oral presentation of the term paper.
  • 125 hours. Self study: Individual supervising.