MATH280 Applied Linear Algebra

Credits (ECTS):10

Course responsible:Geir Bogfjellmo

Campus / Online:Taught campus Ås

Teaching language:Engelsk

Course frequency:Annually.

Nominal workload:

Lectures: 54 hours

Plenary sessions: 24 hours

Weekly exercises: 72 hours

Self-study: 100 hours

Teaching and exam period:This course starts in Spring parallel. This course has teaching/evaluation in the spring parallel, .

About this course


Basic concepts and methods in applied linear algebra, including:

  • Numerical Solutions of Linear Equations
  • Vector Spaces and Linear Transformations
  • Diagonalization and change of basis
  • Inner Products, Norm, Orthogonality and Inner Product Spaces
  • Orthogonal Projections and Least-Squares Problems
  • The Gram-Schmidt Process and QR-factorization
  • The Singular Value Decomposition
  • Stability of solutions


Examples of practical applications, including:

  • Optimization
  • Linear Regression
  • Principal Component Analysis and Dimension Reduction
  • Dynamical Systems, including Markov Chains

Learning outcome


After completing the course, the student will understand important concepts in linear algebra, specifically under the points mentioned in the course content.

Skills The student will be able to apply the methods from the course to analyze models and solve practical problems where these methods are relevant.

General competence

The student will be able to use computer tools to do calculations and apply methods of linear algebra.

    • Lectures covering the theory and practical problem solving
    • Exercises and plenary sessions where the students will test their understanding and practice their skills.
  • Canvas is used for the course.

    The teacher responsible can be contacted at their office or by e-mail.

  • MATH113 or MATH131
  • Final written exam, 3.5 hours.

  • The external and internal examiner jointly prepare the exam questions and the correction manual. The external examiner reviews the internal examiner's examination results by correcting a random sample of candidate's exams as a calibration according to the Department's guidelines for examination markings.
  • No compulsory activities.
  • Lectures: 4 hours per week. Plenary session 2 hours per week.
  • 10 credits reduction against MATH260
  • MATH113/MATH131 or a similar linear algebra course.