GMGD320 Satellite Geodesy - Analysis

Credits (ECTS):10

Course responsible:Ola Øvstedal

Campus / Online:Taught campus Ås

Teaching language:Norsk

Course frequency:Annually

Nominal workload:

250 hours

  • 26 h lecures
  • 224 h individual work (exercises,colloquiums, individual studies)

Teaching and exam period:Autumn parallel

About this course

Apply theory from geodetic courses on 200-level to acquire insight into models used in scientific GNSS-software.

Learning outcome

Be able to evaluate different software for processing of GNSS-observations.

Be able to carry out processing and quality control of GNSS-observations.

  • Lectures and colloquiums. Processing exercises on datalab.
  • Lectures and assistance at lab-exercises.
  • GMGD222, GMPE240.
  • Evaluation of project report. Grading A-F.

  • External evaluation of project report.
  • Compulsory lab-exercises
  • 26 h lectures

    104 h lab exercises