BIO235 Biotechnology and Chemistry in Business Life

Credits (ECTS):5

Course responsible:Morten Nilsen

Campus / Online:Taught campus Ås

Teaching language:Norsk

Limits of class size:40

Course frequency:Anually

Nominal workload:

  • Lectures: 12 hours.
  • Colloquia: 6 hours
  • Tutorials, writing the semester paper and oral presentation 107 hours

Teaching and exam period:This course starts in the Autumn parallel. This course has teaching/evaluation in the Autumn parallel

About this course

The course will give an introduction to how chemical and biotechnological business and industry work. The course will focus on quality control, risk assessment and various chemical and biotechnological processes, as well as legislation / requirements and documentation of processes and products.

A report must be written based on one company, evaluating its quality systems and documentation requirements as well as risks associated with the products / services in this company.

The report is presented groupwise to the other students.

The course will contribute to the UN Sustainability Goal 9 (Innovation and infrastructure: Building solid infrastructure, promoting inclusive and sustainable industrialization and contributing to innovation).

Learning outcome


  • Knowledge of quality standards and legislation related to manufacturing in business
  • Knowledge of product development processes
  • Knowledge of risk assesment
  • Knowledge of documentation requirements
  • Knowledge of chemistry and biotechnology in business in Norway


  • Be able to set up quality systems for simple services and products
  • Be able to perform risk assessment of products/processes
  • Be able to set up a plan for development of simple products
  • Be able to document products and processes

General competence

  • Be able to work in business
  • Know about the interaction between business, government and academia
    • Lectures.
    • Group tasks.
    • Oral presentation.
    • Excursion to companies.
    • Career day (KBM).
  • Contact with teachers via Canvas and e-mail. Lecture notes will be posted on Canvas.
    • KJM100 General Chemistry (or equivalent).
    • BIO101 Introduction to Biotechnology and Chemistry (or equivalent)
  • Skills in report writing and oral presentation, Both must be passed.

    Evaluation of students`learning will be based on their theoretical knowledge and understanding.


    Grading: Passed / Not Passed
  • Internal and external examiners approve written reports and oral presentation.
    • Compulsory attendance at lectures
    • Approved written assignment and presentation
  • A maximum of 40 students, prioritized in the following order

    1. Thrird year students on B-BIOTEK / B-KJEMI / M-KB
    2. Master's students on M-BIOTEK / M-KJEMI
    • Lectures: 2 hours (double hour) per week for 6 weeks in the atumn parallel.
    • Semester assignmen and oral presentation in November/December before the exam period.
  • Bachelor`s programs in biotechnology and chemistry

    The Master`s programs in biotechnology and chemistry

    The Master`s program in technology, specialisation chemistry and biotechnology

  • Special requirements in Science